In today’s DISCOUNT NEWS we have an update about the O’Fallon Road Rage incident! Plus, an update on Jerry Sandusky and how creepy this case just continues to go.  Soap fights? Gross! Plus, a HEATED discussion about shooting to kill and handling things your way.  It seriously got HEATED!


No charges will be filed against a 65-year-old grandfather who shot a motorcyclist in a road rage incident last month. St. Charles County prosecutor Jack Banas said that under Missouri’s so-called castle doctrine law, the grandfather was justified in using potentially deadly force because the motorcyclist reached into the grandfather’s car and punched him. The motorcyclist was shot in the upper left chest and is recovering. “Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on which seat you are in, under Missouri law, if you are in your house or in your vehicle, you can use deadly force to defend yourself against unlawful force,” Banas said Monday. A person must reasonably believe the deadly force is necessary to defend oneself and the unlawful force in this case was the punch.

The first of what is expected to be a parade of alleged victims took the stand on Monday to describe abuse by Jerry Sandusky, a former assistant football coach at Penn State University. Known as Victim No. 4, the witness told how he met Sandusky through a charity for at-risk boys and that Sandusky began to mentor him and bring him gifts. Eventually their contacts increased into “soap battles” in the shower, including unsought touching and oral sex, the witness testified. Sandusky, 68, is charged with 52 criminal counts that he sexually abused 10 boys over 15 years. In opening statements Monday, the prosecution alleged that Sandusky was a “predatory pedophile.” The defense insisted that Sandusky may have given gifts but did nothing criminal.

It’s pretty rare that someone in this country beats someone else to death . . . and just about everyone takes his side.  THIS is that kind of moment. On Saturday, around 3:45 P.M., a man in Shiner, Texas, caught a 47-year-old man from Gonzales, Texas, molesting his four-year-old daughter in a barn.  No names have been released. The father reacted like . . . well . . . like you’d think just about any father would react.  He started BEATING THE HELL out of the guy.  And he hit him in the head so many times that he KILLED HIM. The girl was taken to the hospital for an examination, and it looks like she’s okay. Her father hasn’t been arrested yet . . . a grand jury will determine if any charges will be filed against him. If we had to speculate, based on the circumstances . . . and TEXAS JUSTICE . . . this thing is going to be ruled self-defense.

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