How DARE the cops arrest these two women?  On Monday, a 45-year-old woman and 43-year-old woman were at a golf course in Missouri, and they were FLASHING THEIR BREASTS.  For some reason, some golfers complained and the women were arrested for public indecency.  There is no justice.

Check this out….45-year-old Shelly Lewis and 43-year-old Alicia Binford of O’Fallon, Missouri are two attractive, RANDY women.  They both have blonde hair out of a bottle and a special place in my heart. On Monday, they were at the Woodlands Golf Course, which is a public course in Alton, Illinois.  Police aren’t sure if they were golfing or just hanging out with some male golfers.  What they ARE sure of?  Shelly and Alicia were FLASHING THEIR BREASTS. For some reason, other golfers complained.  The cops came, and both women were arrested for misdemeanor public indecency. In their mugshots, both women certainly LOOK ready for a good time.  Shelly is wearing a very small tank top and Alicia appears to actually be TOPLESS.  She’s not . . . she’s wearing a top . . . you just can’t see it in the mugshot.

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  1. Kevin says:

    The golfers didn’t call the cops, but someone from an adjoining neighborhood did.
    One thing is for sure, those milfs look like they have some hot bods. =)~

  2. patrick24 says:

    i’d slip em the ol root

  3. BILL says:


    GOLF, that sums it up. Flashing on their backstroke flustered the ole homers

  4. SARAH says:

    IRONIC…todays deal of the days from STL TODAY is: $12 for $25 worth of food & drinks at Binfords Bar and Grilll….the Bar that one of the arrested can flashers owns…

  5. Natalie says:

    what d-bags call the cops for seein’ boobs?!!! ring the bell!!!!

  6. Timbuck says:

    i would like to motorboat those cans!! you old sailor you!
    Are they built for speed or for comfort woody n rizz?

  7. ShadesOfSteel says:

    Ding! Ding! Goes the bell for the golfers. Sad when they can’t enjoy what looks like a pair of cougars showing off the goods. If they don’t want to see them, send the ninjas photos. We won’t mind or call the cops

  8. Dan says:

    Ring the fucking bell for these homo golfers. Come to Jeffco, MO ladies and you will have a good time

  9. Deadskulll says:

    Chicks flashing thier cans….. GREAT DAY!¡!
    Homo golfers calling the cops Douchbags
    Another day of the SADNESS in this country
    HOMOS 1
    REAL MEN 0

  10. steve says:


  11. GoPens says:

    Travesty, just goes to show you golf is for homos.

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