GOT GAME w/ MANBALLS (06/15/2012)

GOT GAME WITH STEVE MANBALLS MASTERS! If you have a video game question or just curious about the latest stuff in gaming…check out the Got Game Segment with Steve “Manballs” Masters.

G   O   T      G A  M  E      S  T  U  F  F

Lollipop Chainsaw  (M) . . . on Xbox360 and PS3.  In this game you play a chainsaw wielding cheerleader.  She takes on a horde rock and roll zombie lords with her severed, yet still alive, boyfriend’s head at her side.

DiRT Showdown  (E10) . . . on Xbox360 and PS3.  The fourth game in the “DiRT” series features four different game modes:  a racing tour, demolition mode, one for doing tricks, and another with mini games to compete with your friends.

Gravity Rush  (T) . . . on Vita.  A girl named finds a cat that gives her the ability to control gravity.  She uses her new talent to protect her city from monsters that appeared at the same time she received her power.  (Trailer)


Release Date Title


June 18th “Pokemon Conquest”


June 19th “Brave: The Video Game”

Xbox360, PS3, Wii, Vita, 3DS, DS

June 19th “LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes”

Xbox360, PS3, Wii, Vita, 3DS, DS

June 19th “Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor”


June 26th “The Amazing Spider-Man”

Xbox360, PS3, Wii, 3DS

June 26th “Spec Ops: The Line”

Xbox360, PS3, PC

June 26th “Guild Wars 2”


July 10th “NCAA Football 13”

Xbox360 and PS3

And now, here are a few gaming extras you might be interested in:

QUICKIE: An updated HD version of “Angry Birds” is coming to consoles.

“NBA Baller Beats” for the Kinect is like “Rock Band” with a real basketball.  You dribble the ball to the beat of the music and mix in moves like cross overs and pump fakes at higher difficulty levels.

This photo has everything we know about the Wii U and its touch screen controller:

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