Today’s DISCOUNT NEWS is all about people behaving badly. We talk about a death over a parking space, a fight at a PRESCHOOL graduation, and a fight between people over who is the BETTER MEXICAN?!


I’m surprised we don’t hear DAILY reports about people killing each other in Costco parking lots.  Those are some of the most high-stress, utterly chaotic places in the entire country. On Monday, around 11:00 A.M., two elderly men got in a major fight in a parking lot at a Costco in Redding, California. 81-year-old Robert Mix had apparently been sitting in his Dodge pickup, waiting for a spot and causing major congestion.  70-year-old Gerald Carpenter got so frustrated that he walked up to Robert’s car and hit him on the arm. Robert got out . . . and brought his metal cane with him.  Because, again, he’s 81.  Gerald grabbed it from him and both men fell down.  Robert hit his head on the pavement . . . and DIED on Tuesday. So far, Gerald hasn’t been charged . . . but the district attorney’s office is reviewing the case.

A nasty brawl broke out at preschool graduation in California reportedly over a single cap and gown, leaving at least one parent injured and the young graduates wailing. The fight broke out at Lenicia B. Weemes Elementary School in Los Angeles on June 7 and an unidentified parent posted the video on YouTube this week. “This all started because my son’s teacher was so unorganized,” the parent wrote below the video. “Basically because of budget issues all the kids had to share a cap and gown for pictures. One of the moms in the video was basically taking over and the other one didn’t like it and told her something about it. In the grainy video, a crowd of women can be seen shoving each other, throwing punches and shouting. Children can be heard screaming and at one point, a woman shouts, “Get the kids out! Get the kids out!”

In West Palm Beach, Florida, a man attacked another man over who’s the, quote, “BETTER MEXICAN.”  It’s virtually impossible to do something like that without painfully reinforcing tired stereotypes . . . which this idiot seemed happy to do. The fight happened months ago, but arrests were just made on Sunday. Back in March, 26-year-old Rudy “El Caballo” Yhoan showed up at a 35-year-old man’s house.  That man’s name wasn’t released, but he says he didn’t know Rudy. Rudy declared he was a, quote, “better Mexican” . . . and thought he’d prove it by pointing a GUN and threatening to shoot.  Then he told the 35-year-old he’d shoot him the NEXT time he saw him and drove off. Then on April 9th, Rudy saw the same guy riding his bike . . . no, you racist honky, we don’t know if it was a low-rider bike . . . and tried to run him over.  The man jumped off his bike, and Rudy attacked him. Rudy was arrested for aggravated battery and two counts of aggravated assault.  The 35-year-old had some bad cuts and bruises.

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