Seriously…neighbors suck.  We have a bunch of stuff about terrible neighbors.  A woman in London has a neighbor who takes EPIC dumps.  And we have some terrible neighbors who cannot take care of their lawns.  Plus, today – we open up the phones and ask you about YOUR terrible neighbors



If I could constantly hear sounds coming from my neighbors’ SEX PARTIES, I would be horribly offended.  That I wasn’t invited. 60-year-old Christine Knowles of London, England is having a serious problem with her female neighbor’s insatiable sexual appetite.  For the past two years, she’s been woken up by loud sex from the next apartment. Christine says, quote, “The girl seems to constantly have sex and I can hear her at 2:00 A.M.  It wakes me up.  Sometimes she has sex parties.  There’s quite a few of them up there.  It’s horrendous.” She says sometimes she has to go sleep in her car to get any peace.  So now, she’s pressuring her property manager to install SOUNDPROOFING in her apartment.  They say they’re reviewing the situation.

It’s amazing how one person with a nasty front yard can make an entire block look TRASHY.  Which is why it’s logical that the majority of people HATE that guy with a mess of a yard. According to a new survey, more than half of people say it legitimately ANGERS them when their neighbors’ yards are a disaster.  Here are the top 10 things that annoy people the most about their neighbors’ yards . . .

#1.)  Trash everywhere.
#2.)  Overgrown grass or weeds.
#3.)  Broken garden furniture.
#4.)  Overgrown hedges.
#5.)  Dead grass.
#6.)  A half-finished deck or paving.
#7.)  A garden that’s totally paved over.
#8.)  Children’s toys permanently left out.
#9.)  Astroturf instead of real grass.
#10.)  Cheap imitation Greek statues.

If you’ve got a neighbor to your right and a neighbor to your left, statistically one of them is spying on you.  At least that’s what this survey found. In the survey, over HALF of people say they figure out some way to spy on their neighbors . . . usually to see if their neighbors are living better than they are.  Here are the most common ways people spy . . . About 33% say that when one of their neighbors’ houses goes on the market, they go on the real estate website to look at the photos.  And probably to find the price. 10% of people look through their neighbors’ windows when they walk by. 6% snoop around the entire house when their neighbors ask them to watch the place while they’re on vacation. And 3% try to get their neighbors to invite them over specifically so they can look around inside. The survey also found that about one in 10 people have renovated or redecorated their house to keep up with their neighbors.

Every Sunday, 54-year-old Betty Jones of Bristol, Tennessee says she PRAISES THE LORD in her own unique way.  She devotes FIVE HOURS to blasting country music and shouting praises to God. A few Sundays ago, her praising finally became TOO MUCH for her neighbors.  Betty was blasting Johnny Cash, Randy Travis, Alan Jackson, and The Judds . . . and some blasphemer in her area decided to CALL THE COPS. When they came, Betty admits that her praising very quickly turned into her, quote, “going off and cussing out” the police. She was cited for violating the city’s noise ordinance AND was arrested for disorderly conduct.  She ended up spending the night in jail. Betty says she’s going to keep praying and doesn’t really have any plan to turn down her music on Sundays . . . so this could happen again.

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