OK…..so if Ashley wants to be so ungrateful to the WAR Ninjas for our help, let’s take it back. She claims that only 264,000 votes stand between her and her goal. Your mission, should you choose to accept it…..VOTE FOR THE PEOPLE AHEAD OF HER in the Playboy Miss Social contest.

Here is what we need you to do.  Vote for any one who is in 4th place through 6th place.  We don’t know/don’t care to know anything about them. That’s not the point. Here’ the link to vote and remember…vote for the 4th place person……OR any other chick that is either 4th, 5th, or 6th….anyone BESIDES Ashley Salazar.


Here’s some pictures of the girl who is currently in the lead of the contest:

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  1. Joe C says:

    i sent this idea in a text to the show!! BOO YA!!

  2. Ed Kiernan says:

    Hope you all can work it out. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Ashley on some projects and she has always been gracious. (Note: I’ve never asked for compensation for my time, use of props, etc). I’ve had the great opportunity to meet a host artists, models, some pretty cool photographers and Mark Goone and his gang. A totally new arena for me and the gigs I do. Things can change as a dream progresses and there may be factors that can limit opportunities (you know all that legal stuff that pops up) Woody and Rizz you have a lot of power in this city…common knowledge. I hope all sides of the story come out. Playboy may have strayed from its original base. Ashely is awesome.

    p.s. Happy BD Rizz

  3. Natalie says:

    What did she refuse?-

  4. carl says:

    i just voted for #3! shes the shit, ashley…fuck off hoe! hope you read this bitch!

  5. G.C Ninja says:

    Gettin my vote on… Ashley slutazzar can lick dog balls… Ungrateful beeeotch… Ain’t nobody spanking to your ugly ass face and u don’t have any ass what so ever… Flat booty smh

  6. cyost18 says:

    that blonde chick is WEIRD lookin. Kinda looks like she has had lots of plastic surgery, and maybe that she is 50 yrs old

  7. Ashley says:

    These girls look more “Playboy” than Ashley Salazaar did. They are blond, big busted, and barbie-like. I will be happy to vote one of them in. 264,000 votes isn’t standing behind her and Playboy, it’s her busted up face and bad attitude as well.

  8. TwizT says:

    I voted for numbers 8 and the current number 4 I hope this ungrateful bitch gets knocked out of the competition ~SuKiT~

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