Boxer FLOYD MAYWEATHER JR. is the World’s Highest-Paid Athlete, according to a list compiled by Mayweather only fought TWICE in the past two years . . . unless you count the beatdown he gave his baby-mama, for which he’s currently serving a 90-day sentence. His combined take for those two fights was $85 MILLION. WHO ELSE MAKES THE LIST?!

Mayweather stole the top spot from TIGER WOODS, who’d had it since 2001.  And despite his failure to return to glory, Tiger’s still up there.  He’s in THIRD PLACE, with $59.4 million. MANNY PACQUIAO is second with $62 million.  That’s $56 million from his two fights over the past year, plus $6 million in endorsements.

Here’s the Top 15 highest paid athletes:

#1.)  Floyd “Money” Mayweather, Jr.,  $85 million

#2.)  Manny Pacquiao,  $62 million

#3.)  Tiger Woods,  $59.4 million

#4.)  LeBron James,  $53 million

#5.)  Roger Federer,  $52.7 million

#6.)  Kobe Bryant,  $52.3 million

#7.)  Golfer Phil Mickelson,  $47.8 million

#8.)  David Beckham,  $46 million

#9.)  Cristiano Ronaldo,  $42.5 million

#10.)  Peyton Manning,  $42.4 million

#11.)  Soccer player Lionel Messi,  $39 million

#12.)  Baltimore Ravens defender Haloti Ngata,  $37.3 million

#13.)  Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald,  $36.8 million

#14.)  Detroit Lions defender Ndamukong Suh,  $36 million

#15.)  Carolina Panthers defender Charles Johnson,  $34.4 million

Check out the complete list of the World’s 100 Highest-Paid Athletes:

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