So today in DISCOUNT NEWS we are chatting some WACKOS in the news.  First, the big ball dude is rejecting free surgery!  Plus, a dude HATES bi-sexual trees.  A dude calls 911 to talk to Tim Tebow and a guy eats a Light bulb and then decides to rob a bank.


Check out the CREEPY ASS STORY about the dude who rejected the surgery to get his GIANT BALL BAG FIXED!

Earlier this month, Jim Flechtner of Findlay, Ohio wrote a letter to the editor of the “Findlay Courier”, and called for Ohio to stop being the Buckeye State, get rid of the buckeye as the state tree, and for Ohio State to change mascots. Why?  Because he found out the buckeye tree, quote, “is a polygamo-monoecious [tree], bearing both bisexual and male flowers . . . it is shameful and unacceptable that a bisexual tree should represent us!  We are flaunting the Holy Bible!” Jim is right . . . the Ohio buckeye tree grows male, female, and dual-sex flowers on the same tree.  Although assigning sexual preferences to flowers is a real stretch.

Last week in Hopatcong, New Jersey, 28-year-old Jason Slater made three calls to 911.  In each of the calls he said he was the president . . . and he wanted to talk to TIM TEBOW. The police went to his house to find out what was going on.  Turns out the 28-year-old still lives with his mother.  When they searched the place, they found him . . . hiding in his mom’s closet underneath some pillows. -He was arrested for creating false public alarms. After he was released from jail, he took the jail summons they’d given him and threw it on the ground outside . . . so he was hit with a littering charge too.

In case you were wondering, ingesting lightbulbs won’t make you any brighter. At least that’s what we learned after R.J. Williams made news last year for his record-setting lightbulb-eating speed (see video below). Williams recently captured headlines again, but this time for robbing a bank and getting caught.

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