In today’s DISCOUNT NEWS we have a LOT of creepers in the news and actually a couple of LOCAL Creepers in the news!  There is a serial hugger in St. Louis…A guy bangs a TEDDY BEAR, a semen vampire and Operation Cyber Child catches a TON OF CREEPERS!


Des Peres Police say they’ve identified a man who they’re calling a “serial hugger.” The department has gotten complaints about the man from women in Des Peres, St. Peters, High Ridge, near Ballwin and in Fairview Heights. They just learned this has been going on for about a year. A woman shopping at the Schnucks in Des Peres says the man approached her and said he knew her. She says he gave vague details about being a former neighbor, then said it was his birthday and asked for a hug. The woman says she gave him a hug, but then called police afterward. Police say right now it’s not clear if what the man’s doing is a crime, but they want women to be careful.

Call it a hunch, but I think I MIGHT be able to identify this guy’s fetish. On Wednesday night, 28-year-old Charles Marshall of Cincinnati, Ohio was arrested for having sex with a TEDDY BEAR in public . . . after the staff at a health clinic spotted him giving it to the teddy bear in an alley. And it turns out this wasn’t the first time.  Charles has been arrested and convicted THREE OTHER TIMES in just over two years for public teddy bear sex. In February of 2010, he was caught having sex with a teddy bear in a bathroom at a public library.  He was caught again in November of 2010, and then in August of last year. Each time he’s been convicted of either public indecency or disorderly conduct.  He’s done a little jail time and been fined.  He’s facing another disorderly conduct charge for this latest incident.

The prosecutor in his case called Charles Lee Bergeron Sr. “the sickest of the sick,” a monster whose “fun house became a house of horror” for the many young boys he victimized, and from the details that follow, that’s not prosecutorial hyperbole. On Wednesday, in a Lake Charles court, before sentencing Bergeron to 120 years behind bars, Judge Clayton Davis said he had a mind to set Bergeron free to “just let him out and fend for himself” instead of saddling the state of Louisiana with paying for his health care. Wow. Harsh. But if anyone deserves to be lambasted like that, it is this octogenarian monster from Westlake, Louisiana.In December, Bergeron pleaded guilty to 25 sex crimes. (He originally faced 76 charges, some of them for events dating back to 1975.) Prosecutor Cynthia Guillory stated that Bergeron’s M.O. was to invite young boys over, get them drunk or high (on Xanax and Soma, according to one victim) and then perform oral sex on them after they passed out. “He said he told them that he was an old man and needed testosterone…needed their semen to live, basically,” Guillory said. “Now that’s sick.” You got that right. A vampiric molester. Before Judge Davis brought down the hammer, Bergeron asked to withdraw his guilty plea and to proceed with a trial. “Mercy is all I can ask for,” he said.


A fifth-grade teacher and youth soccer coach, a registered sex offender from Hernando County and a Disney employee are among 38 men charged as part of a sex sting operation involving minors in Polk County. The men were charged as part of “Operation Cyber Child,” a 10-day extensive undercover operation conducted by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, Florida Department of Law Enforcement U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and various other area law enforcement agencies.

Among those charged:

  • Matthew Chillcott, 43, a fifth-grade teacher at Lawton Chiles Elementary School in Orlando who also told detectives he is a youth soccer coach. Police say Chilcott has been chatting with an undercover Casselberry Police detective since January 2012, and continued to chat with the detective, who was posing as a 14-year-old girl. He agreed to travel to the undercover location to have sex with the girl, officials say.
  • Wilson Silva, 31, a registered sex offender since 2001 from Brooksville. Officials say Silva responded to a fictitious ad posted on Craigslist by an undercover Mount Dora Police detective posing as the stepmother of a 14-year-old girl. He offered to come to the undercover location to teach the girl “how to have fun with sex,” Judd said.
  • Phil Luna, 52, of San Jose, Calif., who works for a contractor as a NASA engineer. Judd said Luna brought condoms and Skittles candy to teach an 11-year-old girl how to have sex.
  • Warren White, 30, of St. Mary’s, Ga., who is serving active duty in the Navy. Judd said White wanted to “buy” a 14-year-old girl, adding he would “try her out” with a $500 down payment with ultimate purchase price of $1,500. Judd said that White thought he was talking to a pimp and not an undercover detective, and also now faces a sex trafficking charge.
  • Mark Noethen, 22, of Orlando, a Disney security guard who came to have sex with 11- and 14-year-old sisters to see which he liked best. Judd said he came armed with a.380 caliber handgun.

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