If you’re STILL not on board with our whole “Kids Suck” thing….check out this video that’s gone viral. It’s a group of kids in Rochester, New York bully an elderly bus monitor.  They taunted her and made fun of her weight until she CRIED.

They said a bunch of other stuff too, including threatening to STAB her.  This goes on for TEN MINUTES….and every minute that goes by will make you wanna beat the shit out of these little pricks more and more. One girl told her, quote, “You don’t have a family, because they all KILLED THEMSELVES.”  The bus monitor’s name is Karen Klein….and it’s not clear if they knew this or not, but one of her kids DID commit suicide.

The good news is, someone started raising money on the website IndieGoGo.com to send her on the, quote, “vacation of a lifetime.” And it’ll be a pretty sweet vacation, because they’ve already raised over $100,000!

WARNING: Some NOT SAFE FOR WORK language ahead!

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  1. wayne phillip says:

    Calm down you stupid american pussys! Their just kids growing up. They found a grown up that doesn’t treat them the way every other grown up does. These kids probably love this woman. It makes me sick listening to all the complainers referring to her as “the old lady”. Can’t you people see this with an open mind? A kids mind? Don’t get me wrong… these kids are the “bad dudes and dudettes” not your perfact little angels most of you raise and put “honor student of the month” stickers in my face. These kids simply started having fun getting away with cussing and putting down an adult figure for the first time in there lives! The only experience these kids have in “talking back” or “mouthing off” at elders would be an older brother or sister. And we all know what the results are for the younger one. RIGHT! They get there ass kicked wheather right or wrong. Now…you see. This “lady” is not an educator. Teachers know all about this crap. Its like “tuff love”. You gotta keep above the kids and do it right and legal. If any “adult figure” let a group of kids of this kind take control….WTF do you think would happen? No…they wont do the nerdy thing and start doing homework. And forget bible study. THATS WHY KIDS ARE SCHOOLED BY ADULTS! I say make them apologize. Alone. In person. No frickin cameras or idiot adult jr. police. Just them! Then give them some normal punishment like community service or special education. This is another blown up “Monica Lewinski” pile of crap. So please calm down. Do like your kids do behind your back. Take some drugs and feel good the way the law makers (parents to them) don’t allow and enjoy. Leave the kids alone! Not your business. Todays cameras are letting you know too much for you to handle. Let the school handle it.

  2. Chris Ramsey says:

    Where’s the fucking bus driver. I used to drive school buses. My students never acted like this because they knew that I would pull the bus over and write all of there asses up. If I had to I would take the bus back to the school and let the principle talk to them. If I were the driver of this bus everybody involved would be suspended. They would also be in trouble with the school too.

  3. Karissa says:

    Last I heard they have raised over $300,000 for her. There is actually a sight out there with the list of the kids and their names, addresses, and phone numbers.

  4. randy says:

    I pray for those children to get what they deserve and whatever else bad that can happen to them, and I dont mean taking their cellphone and xbox and tv and computer away( all though all of that should happen anyway, and it should all go to Karen to destroy in front of them). I wish they were my brothers and sisters b/c my parents would have beat their asses until their fucking noses bleed. I cant believe that parents can even raise children that can behave this way period. I think if these parents dont beat these kids so hard the children call DCFS, that DCFS should come and have the parents arrested for neglect and being unable to raise a child and being unfit parents. I dont think any police officer or DCFS worker would intervene if the parents just punished these kids the way the world would like them to be punished, b/c police and DCFS all have mothers and grandmothers that could have been this nice lady that was just trying to help prevent children from being bullied. Or if only they were my kids this wouldnt have happened in the first place and if it had they would be severly bruised and homeless. I dont want to hear any bullshit like they are troubled children, they are flat out disrespectfull littel worthless pieces of shit and the parents are close too b/c the apple doesnt fall far from the tree. I think this should be national news for a while so we all can see what happens and how they are punished, and so the children can be ridiculed in public for years to come for bullying a nice lady, and to see if the parents are cowards and need to be ridiculed as well for raising worthless chilren, or if they should be praised for giving a punishment as bad as their behavior. The parents can feel free to contact me for ideas to punish these children so they dont grow up to be the way they are now, b/c what they have been doing clearly isn’t working.

  5. Eric says:

    This is unreal. The sad part of the whole thing is if any of the parents did attempt to disipline their kids, they would get charged with child abuse, thanks to this pussified govt. I know if they were my kids, I would be in jail cause I would publicly beat the shit out of them. I do hope they meet a tragic end real soon.

  6. Katy Janssen says:

    As Dana Loesch said, the parents of these children need to be thoroughly humiliated.

  7. Lisa says:

    Okay – posting again after viewing most of the video. I would love to know what ends up happening to these kids or what their parents have to say! If there is any follow up, let us know!!
    How about setting up a facebook page for the kids involved and let everyone slam them?? Force them to read every single post – but of course, deleting every single one that “supports” their ignorant punk ass behavior?

  8. Ben says:

    We need to send that under aged girls dad up there and start spanking the shit out of all those kids

  9. epeters says:

    this is the future of our country…..WTF

  10. Jeremy says:

    These little assholes need more than an ass whoopin! The need the Scott Tenorman treatment from south park! kill their parents make them unkowingly eat them in some chili , then tell them what they ate, then have their favorite band call them pussies for crying and karen should take a baseball bat to these knees! Ya i think that will do it!

  11. Riley Kuithe says:

    I dont care about the whole uderage thing put me on that bus and i will personally beat the shit out of every little kid on the bus making fun of this poor old lady. FUCK those kids!!1

  12. Lisa says:

    I haven’t even seen the video but listening to you talk about it this a.m. made me cry!! Thank GOD someone started a fund to raise money for her! Maybe she can retire!
    and if I was a parent of one of those kids? WOW! I would want to beat them first, but that doesn’t teach much. I would find the WORST job I could for them, maybe shoveling cow shit for the entire summer or working in a slauterhouse OR cleaning johnny on the spots and every penny they made would go to Karen. And of course, that is ALL they would be doing the ENTIRE summer. During the school year, they’d be volunteering every day after school – somewhere they would learn some compassion

  13. John Hamilton says:

    What the hell is wrong with those little assholes. I remember a time when we were taught to respect our elders. I’ve seen first hand kids being disrespectful, but nothing like that. I couldn’t make it all the way through. If my parents ever caught wind of me doing anything remotely close that, I would’ve been beaten within an inch of my life. That pisses me off beyond belief.

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