Today’s BITCH BE TRIPPIN segment…ladies – we love you – but sometimes you do and say some really crazy stuff. So – we gotta call you out. We took some calls and rocked out some news stories for today’s BITCH BE TRIPPIN!



Drivers pulled illegal U-turns just to catch a glimpse of Ashley Holton, witnesses said.The 35-year-old woman was arrested on May 26 for masturbating on Highway 484 in Ocala, Fla.A witness told authorities that Holton had slowed traffic for more than 30 minutes before deputies arrived, the report said. The witness also said that honking car horns only seemed to encourage her.When a Marion County Sheriff’s Deputy approached her, Holton pulled up her shirt and bra, “exposing her breasts and bra,” according to the report. Holton was arrested and taken to the Marion County Jail. When an officer attempted to put pants on her, the report said Holton kicked and bit her. Holton described her chomping as “a love tap,” the report stated. Holton’s alleged antics didn’t stop once she had entered the jail, where she “continued to resist the officers by spreading her legs, exposing her vagina and telling the officers to kiss her there and refusing verbal commands to cooperate,” according to the report. Holton, who the report said may have been under the influence of alcohol, was charged with exposure of sexual organs, battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting an officer and disorderly conduct.

Police arrested Stephanie Dillard, 34, on suspicion of child endangerment after she allegedly crashed her car into a city bus. Dillard’s 5-, 12-, and 16-year-old children were along for the ride when the crash happened. But for some reason, Dillard got out of her smashed-up car and walked away from the scene, leaving her kids all alone. When police arrived at the crash site, they found Dillard’s three children a bit shaken from the crash. The 5-year-old had suffered a cut over one eye. The kids’ mother seems to have suffered something else, but police aren’t sure what. Officers found Stephanie Dillard at a nearby CVS/pharmacy drugstore, where she was eating ice cream. She had also stripped naked.

24-year-old Nicole Finnell’s son Daniel was found by a passer-by barefoot and running around in the street on Saturday night. Caleb Rosario says he could barely believe it when he and his sister spotted the child. “I’m surprised the baby wasn’t dead already,”Police say Finnell left her sleeping son in her home alone with the door unlocked and went to a bar and a house party.  “Apparently she waited until he went to sleep and then left him here and locked the door, and he can unlock the door,” her father Scott Finnell. Scott Finnell says his daughter told him she had left her son with a babysitter, but he believes she is lying. He believes his grandson was feet from death when he was found.

Police have arrested a woman accused of throwing hot grease on her Charlotte, North Carolina neighbors, seriously burning two adults and four children.Police said Regina Terry, 33, was taken into custody in Monday morning.Richmond County authorities arrested Terry around 1 a.m. Monday after a tip from the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department. Terry was transported back to Mecklenburg County around 3 a.m. She faces seven counts of assault with a deadly weapon and seven counts of malicious maiming.Terry is accused of throwing a pan of hot grease on neighbors during an argument Sunday. Six children were among those burned.Two adults and four of the burned children, ages 10, 8, 6, and 22 months, were taken to Chapel Hill’s burn unit for treatment. One of the adults, a 27-year-old woman, and her son, a 22-month-old boy, had to be airlifted because of their injuries. Neighbors said that Terry had an ongoing dispute with the McLean family — two sisters and their children who lived next door.

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