We don’t know where this happened, but there’s a new video going around showing some guy who found out his underage daughter had been having sex with her ADULT boyfriend. But instead of calling the cops, he went to the guy’s house, made him lie face-down on the ground . . . and SPANKED HIM.

In the video, the dad’s actually calm the whole time, and tells the guy that if he doesn’t want to get spanked, his other option is to get a BEATDOWN The boyfriend doesn’t look like much of a fighter, so he opts for the spanking.  And the dad gets about 20 solid whacks in . . . then the guy starts crying. At about 1:52 into the video the guy cries and says, “I’m not gonna be able to sit, dude!”

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  1. fieara says:

    Woop-woop, how’s the daughter gonna feel about this? Another problem family. Why didn’t he just report it to the police if she was underage? Maybe she was just a year/a few months underage and he was just above the age so the police wouldn’t take it to court.

  2. mike says:

    i woulda beat his ass

  3. Jason says:


  4. Brandon says:

    Ring the bell on the dad.

  5. Dee says:

    wow! dad is a little freaky, don’t ya think?

  6. Johnny says:

    This guys as queer as a two dollar bill

  7. nick says:

    Sounds like the dad has some weird fantasy.

  8. 314Jeremyyyy says:

    He should of used the belt! lol

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