We always talk about the Woody and Rizz Parent of the Year Nominees.  These are usually stories about parents who make the news for all the wrong reasons.  But, in a change of pace, we actually have some stories about GOOD PARENTING!

A Maryland father opted for humiliation as punishment to teach his 12-year-old son a lesson about missing curfew. Kevin Burks, of Waldorf, Md., made his son Kenny walk up and down the street carrying a sign that read, “Homeless, Won’t Listen to Parents,” for eight hours on Monday. Burks says Kenny was out too late over the weekend and didn’t call home. “All he has to do is check in at 8:30,” Burks said. But Kenny didn’t arrive home until after 9 p.m.” “I pay for his clothes, his shoes, the roof over his head, his safety and everything he has,” Burks said. “My thing is if you want to be your own adult, you’ll sit outside and be your own adult.”

A Pennsylvania man has pleaded guilty to endangering the welfare of a child, after prosecutors say he attempted to throw his teenage daughter out of the house over a failing calculus grade. In February, Tuan Huynh, 47, reportedly drove his daughter to a town almost 14 miles away and abandoned her there with nothing but a backpack, a change of clothes, and a blanket. Prosecutors say the 16-year-old had been given an hour to pack and told she couldn’t live with her family anymore. She had no phone to call for help, and no family or friends in the area. “She didn’t know where she was,” the assistant DA said. “She was terrified.” Eventually she ran into a minister, who called police for her. Initially she wouldn’t tell police her real name, allegedly because she’d been warned not to. Huynh was sentenced to two years’ probation and 100 hours of community service, and must complete parenting classes before he can move back into his home.

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  1. StrictParent says:

    So we should teach our children that coming to work 30 minutes late and giving assignments a minimal effort is OK? I fire people who come in 30 minutes late and don’t give me their best!

  2. Lori says:

    This is good parenting? These stories are anything but that. I was expecting to read about a child that was never coming home, doing drug and stealing. But getting a bad grade in CALCULUS and coming home 30 minutes late? Thats a bit extreme if you ask me.

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