Well, we are talking Sandusky in jail (which is for sure GOOD NEWS) and we are talking about some other really good news!  A 14 year old stops a robber and a group have kids have coached some other kids to a championship!

Justice has been served.  On Friday night, the jury in the JERRY SANDUSKY trial found him guilty on 45 of 48 counts of sexual abuse against boys over a horrific 15-year period.  Sandusky was emotionless as the verdict was read. He was found not guilty on three counts where eyewitness testimony was somewhat inconsistent.  But he was convicted for abuse against all 10 of the victims who testified against him. Sandusky is 68 years old now and, since his sentencing is in about three months, he’ll most likely spend the rest of his life in prison. IF he makes it that long.  Inmates DO have access to the news . . . and they do NOT take kindly to men who sexually abuse children, particularly high-profile ones. Sandusky is at the Centre County Correctional Facility in Pennsylvania, and is separate from the general population . . . who keep singing “Hey, teacher, leave them kids alone” from PINK FLOYD’S “The Wall” when they’re around him. In a statement, Penn State said, quote, “No verdict can undo the pain and suffering caused by Mr. Sandusky, but we do hope this judgment helps the victims and their families along their path to healing.”

Ninety-nine times out of 100, a story about a 14-year-old boy shooting someone with his parents’ gun is a tragic story.  This is that one in 100 that’s not. On Friday, a 14-year-old boy in Phoenix, Arizona was babysitting his three younger siblings.  They’re eight, 10, and 12 years old.  None of their names were released. While the four of them were home alone, a woman knocked on the door.  The 14-year-old didn’t open it because he didn’t recognize her.  A few minutes later, a 37-year-old man KICKED IN their door. So the 14-year-old rushed his siblings upstairs and got his parents’ handgun.  When he looked downstairs, he saw the man point a GUN at him. But before the man could shoot, the 14-year-old shot HIM.  The man was taken to the hospital in critical condition but he’s expected to survive.  His accomplice was the woman who knocked . . . and she got away. The police commended the 14-year-old for not opening the door for a stranger and for quick thinking.  They also commended the parents for training him to handle the gun and to understand the right time to use it.

A Little League team of 12-to-14-year-old kids in San Clemente, California was having trouble finding a coach at the start of the season this year.    None of the parents could do it, so Chris Puckett and Cameron Shelley agreed to be co-coaches . . . which is unusual since Chris is 15, and Cameron is 14. They’re freshmen at San Clemente High School, and just barely older than the players on the team.  The league initially said they were too young to do it, but Chris’ father talked them into it after agreeing to be present as a chaperone. The team started off slowly.  They lost their first two games and, after ten games, their record was just six wins and four losses.  But that set them up for an ending straight out of a Disney movie:  They won 10 of their last 12 games, including three straight in the district’s Tournament of Champions, and won the district title.  And they won the championship on the last play in a 10-9 win.

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