In today’s HEADLINE HOOSHE…a father and son fighting over drugs and a woman?  That’s pretty much hooshe in itself.  But once you involve the destruction of a neighbors mailbox…and the fact that they were both naked…then it’s INSTANT HEADLINE HOOSHE!


Authorities said the pair, aged 39 and 18, was high on LSD, ecstasy and marijuana when the fight kicked off early on Friday morning. Anchorage police spokeswoman Anita Shell said the father and son were fighting over drugs and a woman – and that three children aged between seven and 16 were present at the time. They were not identified because of the domestic nature of the incident and the fact that the 16-year-old was assaulted during the brawl. As the fight spiralled out of control, the son – who was completely nude – ran through a glass window, injuring himself badly. He proceeded to run in and out of the window several times, continuing to cut himself. The men then continued to wrestle with each other throughout the house, spreading the younger man’s blood through it, police said. Neighbors, getting ready for a day at work, were then startled by the sight of a naked and bloody man running down the street. Then, the man’s father exited the house and also stripped naked – before continuing the fight with his son in the street. When police arrived, they were forced to use a stun gun multiple times before they could restrain the younger man. The father was charged with resisting arrest and fourth-degree assault, while the son was charged with criminal mischief and two counts of fourth-degree assault.

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