In today’s DISCOUNT NEWS we are chatting dumbass heroin addicts that are local.  What a bunch of STUPID ASS DRUGGIES! Plus, we have some updates on neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman. 


THIS LITERALLY JUST BROKE: In a landmark decision that will impact the nation for decades, the Supreme Court on Thursday struck down a key provision of President Barack Obama’s health care law, ruling that requiring people to have health insurance violates the Constitution.

Two men in St. Charles are accused of stealing a medical van containing 2,000 mice Wednesday morning to support their heroin addiction. Warrants have been issued against Dustin Maas, 30, and Matthew Haney, 23, for allegedly stealing a Freightliner truck from the parking lot of the Red Roof Inn in the 2000 block of Zumbehl Road around 3:20 a.m. Police said the driver of the vehicle was told by hotel employees that a witness saw Haas and Haney smash the window of the truck. The two suspects then drove away and headed toward I-70. Authorities said the driver left the truck running because a refrigerator was needed to transport the mice, which are valued at $10,000. The driver’s company tracked the vehicle by GPS and alerted authorities, who found and took the suspects into custody around 3:40 a.m.

According to the — A day after killing Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman passed a police lie detector test when asked if he confronted the teenager and whether he feared for his life “when you shot the guy,” according to documents released today by Florida prosecutors. According to a “confidential report” prepared by the Sanford Police Department, Zimmerman, 28, willingly submitted to a computer voice stress analyzer (CVSA) “truth verification” on February 27.  Investigators concluded that he “has told substantially the complete truth in regards to this examination.” Zimmerman, the report noted, “was classified as No Deception Indicated (NDI).” Along with questions about whether his first name was George and if it was Monday, Zimmerman was asked, “Did you confront the guy you shot?’ He answered, “No.” He was also asked, “Were you in fear for your life, when you shot the guy.” Zimmerman replied, “Yes.”

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