Check out today’s SPORTS report where we chat about the Cardinals, what pro athlete does your wife want to cheat on you with?, and we have a video of a kids hockey coach INTENTIONALLY tripping a 13 year old from the other team!  Crazy! See it all HERE!


The Cardinals and Marlins wrapped up their series last night in Miami with the Marlins getting the 5-3 win. The Cards are off tonight, they are back in St. Louis on Friday as they take on the Pirates at 7:15pm.  Cards could pick up some ground on Pitt, as they sit tied with the Pirates for second in the NL central.  Adam Wainwright takes the mound for the Cardinals.

So, which male athlete would your wife or girlfriend most like to cheat on you with?  According to one of the sites for cheaters….most chicks would pick David Beckham.  Shockingly, guess who finished in the two slot (first of all slot) Tim Tebow. Tom Brady came in third. Then we had the team of Jeter and A-Rod, followed by Cristiano Ronaldo, Michael Phelps, Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, and then some surfer named Kelly Slater.  Check out the full list on today’s blog.

Canadians take their hockey way seriously . . .There’s video of a youth ice hockey coach in his 40s intentionally tripping a 13-year-old player from the opposing team at the end of a game on Saturday . . . in the HANDSHAKE line. And it was definitely on purpose, since the guy turned around and pointed at the player after he did it. The kid hurt his wrist and the coach was arrested, but no charges have been filed.  And the coach was from the WINNING team. We’ve got the video…..

So check this out…After offering Diddy’s son Justin Combs a football scholarship…UCLA has now done the same thing for Snoop’s son Cordell Broadus …but here is the funny thing…Cordell is only a SOPHOMORE IN HIGH SCHOOL!. No word if he’s accepting.

And finally – a EURO 2012 UPDATE!  Spain beat Portugal yesterday 4-2 in Penalty Kicks after a 0-0 tie and they will take on the winner of the Italy/Germany match that happens today.

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