If you haven’t seen enough of the OCTOMOM in various states of undress yet, here are some new bikini pics. To be honest…..her body doesn’t look that bad. It’s her FACE that’s the big problem. Question is…….would you hit it?


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  1. Matt says:

    Bib boobs sure, but someone beat the crap out of her with the ugliest stick on the ugly tree. Looking at her makes JOing my first choice.

  2. Phil says:

    Only in the dark with a bag on MY head! What a whorendous face!!!

  3. Jack Forster says:

    Lead creature from night of the living dead with a nice rack.

  4. ViolentWedgy says:

    I would so french kiss her asshole.

  5. Stiffmeister says:

    I would hit it alright 🙂 in the face with a sledgehammer!!!

  6. Scott Weydeck says:

    F’n gross. For those old enough to remember… this is what Herman Munster’s daughter would look like.

  7. stormi says:

    7 body,1 face you might have to punch her in the face to maybe make her look better

  8. justin says:

    Once i put a bag over her head id hit that

  9. Timbuck says:

    i would for sure hit it.. no questions, girls a dime pieeeeeeeeeece!

  10. Adam Balkenbush says:

    Put an American Flag over her head and do her for your country!!!!!

  11. Nat says:

    the face is what kills me bro, no way!

  12. tj says:

    I’d hit it…..with a bat… and then hit it

  13. Michael says:

    Double bagger, one for her, one for you incase hers falls off

  14. Jeff says:

    That’s why we have electric, so you can turn the lights off and not see her face!!

  15. Pat says:

    she has a butter face… but I’d do her from behind!

  16. joe says:

    Her face is the only thing that is ugly. I’d tounge punch her fart box for sure

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