In today’s DISCOUNT NEWS we chat about a hitman…going after a…hitman?  Yup.  And a man beats his wife…with the oddest weapon we’ve heard in a while.  Plus, we have a couple different stories of people that are SOOOOO fired!


We think it’s time for this guy to stop hiring hitmen.  Back in January, Bob Bashara of Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan allegedly hired a HITMAN to kill his wife Jane, so he could be with his mistress. That hitman was Joseph Gentz, Bashara’s handyman . . . and unfortunately he went through with it, and killed Jane in January by strangling her. Luckily, he was caught and arrested.  He’s been in jail ever since, and was due in court next month.  But Bashara didn’t want the hitman to rat him out. So, he tried to hire ANOTHER hitman to kill the FIRST hitman, in jail.  But the second hitman went to the cops and wore a wire in a meeting with Bashara. On Monday, the cops arrested Bashara at his home . . . where they found he had a SEX DUNGEON.  He’s facing charges of solicitation for murder.  Both he and Gentz are facing life in prison.

A man faces a possible murder charge after police said he beat his estranged wife to death with a toilet tank lid. 48 year old Edgardo Luis Claudio-Marrero, was arrested and booked into jail on a charge of second-degree murder Saturday after investigators found the body of Sreymon Claudio, of Mesa, in an upstairs bathtub in his house. Police said Claudio-Marrero struck his wife after an argument, punching her and pushing her down the stairs at his home and hitting her with the toilet tank lid until it broke. Police said they were called by Claudio’s boyfriend, Jerry Turner, who told police she had gone to her estranged husband’s house because Claudio-Marrero had pawned some of her jewelry without her permission. Turner said his girlfriend had dropped him off at a nearby fast-food restaurant to keep their relationship from Claudio-Marrero and after three hours had passed, Turner took a taxi to the home before calling police. Police knocked on the door of the home for about 15 minutes before Claudio-Marrero emerged from the garage and gave up. He told police that his wife of five years had moved in with his sister and that she had recently gone to Las Vegas. He said he learned of her relationship with Turner from Facebook photos. He admitted pawning her jewelry because of money troubles and confronted her about Turner before he “snapped” and attacked her, punching and pushing into a downstairs bathroom. He later dragged her body up the stairs to the other bathroom.


A Kennedy High School assistant baseball coach and education aide is expected to be arraigned Wednesday for allegedly smoking marijuana with students on a trip last month to Dodger Stadium. Pedro Cruz Trujillo, 24, faces six counts of child endangerment for allegedly smoking pot while driving six students aged 14 to 16 to and from the May 18 baseball game. It is also alleged that Trujillo smoked during the game and allowed some of the students to do so in his presence. Patrick Lynch, a supervising field sergeant for the LAUSD school police, said the case was an unusual one. Trujillo was arrested Monday after a 3 1/2-week investigation.  Each count of child endangerment carries $100,000 bail, for a total of $600,000.


Two eighth-grade students in Canada were humiliated after an adult chaperone fooled them into eating moose feces during a school trip — and now the school’s principal has been removed in the fallout from the dirty prank. Principal Bob Kovachick is on leave and will not return to the Walter Whyte School in Manitoba in the fall after he allegedly watched the May 25 incident unfold and did nothing to stop it.  Parent Karen Eyolfson said her 13-year-old son, who attended the two-day canoe trip, was told the moose droppings were chocolate-covered almonds. Kovachick stood by while the other students laughed. The adult chaperone behind the trick wasn’t identified.  A second student, a 14-year-old identified only by her first name, said she was also duped into chewing on the “almonds.” Principal?  Already SOOOOO FIRED!

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