A 15-year-old kid in Oklahoma went with his mother to a gym around midnight last Thursday. The kid’s mom was weirded out when 24-year-old Betsy Ann Brashear was openly flirting with her son. So weirded out, in fact, she asked other gym members to help her keep an eye on them. A man who was working out later told the mom that he saw her son go into a tanning booth with Betsy.  WHAT HAPPENS NEXT HAS US ASKING…GUILTY OR NOT GUILTY. 

The mom now runs over and starts pounding on the door. Her son answered, Betsy was attempting to hide in the room. Mom then dragged Betsy, who was only wearing a sports bra, out of the room. The cops were called. The boy told the cops that Betsy asked him to spot her on the weights, then talked him into going into the tanning booth with her. Once inside, Betsy stripped off her clothes from the waist down and they started making out. Betsy insists that there is nothing wrong with kissing somebody, even if she’s 24 and they’re 15. She’s been charged with lewd acts with a minor under 16. That’s a felony. Guilty or innocent? Did the mom ruin the son’s best day ever?

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  1. mags says:

    I don’t give a rats ass over the pervs opinions that this is cool, adults need to be held accountable for their actions with minors and just because there are a huge amount of teens having sex doesn’t mean that it should be applauded. It is not OK for a 24 year old to put a CHILD in that position. Asking a minor child to make an adult decision like that is disgusting. I would have mangled that bitch if it were my son.

  2. Craig says:

    If the tables were turned the older guy would be a sicko, pervert, kid touching loser. If she does it, it’s awesome? Yes, awesome if I were the 15 year old but totally wrong and illegal as sensible adults.

  3. Omnipresentsupergalacticone-ness says:

    Voting not guilty, even though I wanted to vote guilty just because of the “double standards” in relation to this topic. If the genders were switched, they’d throw the guy in jail and throw away the key…the trial would just be a formality.

    We were all teens, and I’d wager that the majority of us were sexually active by the time we were 15 or 16. With current laws, the vast majority of us would probably be sex offenders if laws were enforced the way they are today back then.

    If it were against the kid’s will, that’s one thing, but I bet he wasn’t complaining. People need to chill the heck out…and someone should b-slap the mom for cock-blocking!

  4. Jason says:

    If I was that kid, I would have barricaded the door with the tanning bed until I got mine!

  5. Jason says:

    It’s not just his friends tat would call him gay…I’m going to go ahead and ring te bell here for him…**ding ding**

  6. Munky!! says:

    Guilty!… high five!!

  7. Zach Martin says:

    The issue here, for me, is the double standard. Were it a 24-year-old guy and a 15-year-old girl, we’d call him a sexual degenerate and he’d be in jail quicker than the 15-year-old boy would “finish.” Gotta remain fair on all sides.

    • Riley Kuithe says:

      Do your saying if you were 15 and a 24 yr. old girl was wanting to make out with you you wouldnt do it? I thinkyour friends would call you gay.

      • Zach Martin says:

        *When* I was 15, yeah, I’d be upset about it if my Mom c***-blocked me, but what the hell sense does a 15-year-old boy have? What woman doesn’t know that? She could have promised him a little “extra attention” if he robbed a Quik Trip. Boys are stupid at that age. I know I was. All I’m saying is that we have to be fair about it.

    • Aaron says:

      Absolutely agree with you, if the tables were turned and the guy was 24 and doing that to a 15 year old girl he would be seriously busted and labeled a perv.

  8. JASON says:

    I dont know about this one, the mug shot ruins it for me, and seeing that she tried soo hard, would kind of freak me out EVEN as a fifteen year old

  9. Eli Alspach says:

    some kids have all the luck

  10. nick says:

    That chick is hot if my mom cock blocked me like that I’d be pissed

  11. Jason says:

    Makes you wanna slap yo momma

  12. Deezy Breezy says:

    where was she when I was fifteen. I’m half tempted to shave and go to the gym

  13. captain fantastic says:

    If found guilty “or not” I would be more than willing to dispense the punishment in the form of a spanking.

  14. Runt says:

    I would diff be on that like a fat kid over a cup cake!!! Way to go mom for not letting the boy get him some pie!!

  15. brennen Hernandez says:

    Why do moms have to cockblock. And for everyone that voted yes for gulity the kids is like a squirrel jus tryin to bust a nut. If i was his dad i’d be proud. Peace out ninjas

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