Who will win the HEADLINE HOOSHE STORY OF THE WEEK?! Which of the following with get their certificate in the mail? The lovely Home Depot Hookers?! The father/son team who was caught naked…and fighting…over drugs and a woman?! The guy who tried to get away from cops by doo-dooin’ all over the place? Or will it be the car that was a prize at a state fair? See who wins


FROM MONDAY: Today’s HEADLINE HOOSHE introduces us to two women who were pimpin their escort service…yes…HOOKERS WITH BUSINESS CARDS…who were doing some flash campaigning by putting business cards on cars….at the HOME DEPOT!

FROM TUESDAY: In today’s HEADLINE HOOSHE…a father and son fighting over drugs and a woman?  That’s pretty much hooshe in itself.  But once you involve the destruction of a neighbors mailbox…and the fact that they were both naked…then it’s INSTANT HEADLINE HOOSHE!

FROM WEDNESDAY: Today’s HEADLINE HOOSHE introduces us to a guy who was trying to shoplift a bottle of beer.  Well, he got busted, and to get away from cops…he tried to do something that was disgusting…truly.  Is it hooshe…OH HELLS YES!

FROM THURSDAY: Today’s HEADLINE HOOSHE INTRODUCES US TO a man who was actually arrested after a car, which was won during the State Fair in Tennessee, was converted into a SUPER SWEET MOBILE METH LAB!  AWESOME! AND TOTAL HOOSHE!



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