It was only a matter of time that we put this together. But here it is. It’s everything you need to know about Kate Upton. From her CatDaddy dance to her pictures from the SI Swimsuit shoot….you can find it all right here. Thank you little baby bearded Jesus…and…before you click: You’re welcome.

KATE UPTON is only 20 years old, so you can’t expect her high school pictures to look much different. And they don’t. The only difference between then and now is that her high school pics are a little more innocent and modest than the ones we normally see of her these days. Check it…and enjoy (?). Sorry, that sounded a little creepy.

KATE goes TOPLESS in the new issue of “GQ”. Yes, she’s covering her nipples with her hands, but still. She tells the magazine, quote, “I understand why male followers like me.” Yeah…..so do we.

Here’s a recent ad for Skull Candy the headphone people. It looks like they are trying to sell Headphones…but we’ve lost interest as soon as her and her giant cans come flying out. You can see the photos HERE.

Has KATE UPTON in a bikini gotten old for you yet? Me, either. Here she is modeling some swimsuits for………ahh f**K it….who cares.…on with the pictures! **BONUS** there’s a new VIDEO to share with you as well. CHECK IT HERE.


The next “Sports Illustrated” Swimsuit Issue doesn’t come out for another nine months . . . but the photo shoots are already underway. This year’s cover girl/the CEO of Rizzuto’s Spank Bank, KATE UPTON Tweeted some photos from her shoot . . . and you’ll probably enjoy them. SEE THEM HERE

How psyched is Rizzuto right now? Here’s some video footage AND photos of his girl Kate Upton that have hit the internets! People are treating this like it’s the most awesome thing they’ve seen in ages. And maybe they’re right. CHECK THEM OUT HERE.



Rizz found this online ……it’s ANOTHER Kate Upton video. This time she’s in some sexy lingerie and she’s doing a strip tease on a bed…….JUST FOR YOU! Go ahead, watch it…..you know you want to. Just make sure your wife or girlfriend isn’t around. N.S.F.W. CHECK IT OUT HERE.

Well, earlier we talked about how much Easter sucks. Well ,if it was nothing but Kate Upton dressed up like an Easter Bunny…we would have to change our mind. Check out this photo shoot she did from some UK magazine called Love. There are pictures and a video! Happy Easter…our new favorite holiday! CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT

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  1. DVF says:

    Thank you God!!!

  2. Jason says:

    You guys should make a Kate Upton link so when these get “buried” by other stories it would be easier to find again. 🙂 Because you guys seem to like her and will undoubtedly find more on this sexy lady.

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