So, there was a report that looked at people and how many of them would actually go in and grab the phone out of the toilet.  Also, some other crazy stuff about phones including that PHONE CALLS are actually the 5th most common thing done today with cell phones.

Remember back when you worried how many minutes you had left on your cell phone?  Or when your biggest complaint was dropped calls or bad reception?  Seems like a distant memory. According to a new study, phone calls are now only the FIFTH most popular thing we do with our phones.  Here are the ten things we do on our phones most often, with the average amount of time we spend doing them each day . . .

#1.)  The internet, 25 minutes.
#2.)  Social media, 17 minutes.
#3.)  Music, 16 minutes.
#4.)  Games, 14 minutes.
#5.)  Phone calls, 12 minutes.
#6.)  Emails, 11 minutes.
#7.)  Texting, 10 minutes.
#8.)  Watching TV, movies, or videos, 9 minutes.
#9.)  Reading books or magazines, 9 minutes.
#10.)  Taking photos, 3 minutes.

The study also found that 54% of people now use their phone instead of an alarm clock . . . and 46% say their phone has replaced their watch.

We’ve seen surveys about how many people use their cell phone ON the toilet.  But T-Mobile wanted to find out what people would do if their cell phone fell IN the toilet. And the answer is . . . 59% would reach in and fish it out.  But the survey DIDN’T ask if people would fish it out of a toilet that . . . um . . . needed to be flushed versus one that was clean. They also found 63% of people would DIG THROUGH GARBAGE to try to find their lost phone. 25% would physically FIGHT someone to get their phone back. 17% would go onto train tracks to retrieve their phone. And 12% would run into traffic to get it back. Finally, 10% of people say they’d rather leave home WITHOUT THEIR PANTS than go without their phone.

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