In today’s DISCOUNT NEWS we chat about a dude who returned something that honestly…should be NONRETURNABLE! Plus we have an update on the BULLIED BUS MONITOR and a woman spends a night in jail because of an OVERDUE LIBRARY BOOK?

There are a few products you buy from a store that you CANNOT EVER RETURN after you use them.  And this just might be the BIGGEST one. In Jacksonville, Florida, a man was arrested for returning USED ENEMAS to a CVS.  His name wasn’t released. It started on June 5th.  The man returned a box of enemas to CVS.  But it appeared sealed, so an employee took it back and gave him a refund. That same week, the man came back FOUR MORE TIMES to return boxes of enemas.  Finally, on June 12th, a 22-year-old employee named Dustin McDonald got suspicious.  He checked the box and noticed it had been RE-GLUED shut. He opened it and found the enemas inside were all USED.  He went and checked the enemas that had been restocked on the shelves . . . and found they’d all been used too.  So he told his manager, and they called the cops. Using the store’s credit card records, they tracked down the man.  He was arrested for an outstanding warrant while they keep probing the enema case.

The four hooligans who ruthlessly bullied school bus monitor Karen Klein have officially been served their punishment — and it’s a big, fat suspension.In a statement released by the Greece Central School District … the four seventh grade boys who taunted the 68-year-old grandmother were issued a one year suspension from school, a one year suspension from bus use, ordered to perform 50 hours of community service with the elderly and are required to participate in a bully prevention program. The district added that the boys will be sent to the district Reengagement Center — a special alternative education program — since by the law they are required to provide an education.  If you recall … Klein’s story received national attention after a 10 minute YouTube video of the boys bullying her on the bus went viral. She has said from the beginning she did not want to press criminal charges.

This happened earlier this month, but the story just came out now.  On June 12th, Lori Teel of Portales, New Mexico was ARRESTED in front of her five young kids and spent a night in jail . . . because of an overdue “Twilight”book and DVD. Back in October of 2010, Lori checked out the “Twilight: New Moon” DVD and the first “Twilight” book from the local library.  But she forgot to return them. She was sent a court summons in March of 2011 for overdue fines . . . but it went to her childhood address, not to her.  When she missed that, a warrant was issued for her arrest . . . again, to her childhood address.  And she had no idea. Earlier this month, her husband Jimmy Teel was arrested on charges of aggravated battery and tampering with evidence . . . the rest of the circumstances behind that arrest weren’t released. But while the cops were arresting Jimmy, they ran Lori’s name, found the warrant, and arrested HER, too.  She spent the night in jail.  After things got sorted out the charges against her were dropped.

Arsonist Appears To Commit Suicide Upon Hearing His Guilty Verdict Read…video of him swallowing pill and convulsing in courtroom!

OK! Magazine Editor Accepts Thousands of Dollars From PR People After Her Dog DiesShauna Bass is the entertainment director and former East Coast news editor at OK! Magazine. She frequently makes media appearances as an expert on reality TV. Last week, Simba, her pet Pomeranian, passed away. Sad. But Shauna’s pain has been soothed by more than $5,000 in donations—most of it from people who have a professional obligation to get into OK! Magazine. After Simba’s death, Shauna’s sister set up the “Simba Bass Memorial Fund,” soliciting donations on Shauna’s behalf. The pitch reads in part:

As soon as Simba became ill, Shauna rushed him to the animal hospital The veterinarians tried their absolute best to save Simba’s life, using a variety of medical procedures to save Simba. Although the doctors were unsuccessful, the medical procedures were fairly expensive.

In lieu of flowers, cards, candies or gifts, I am asking all of the people who know and love Shauna and Simba to donate to the Simba Bass Memorial Fund to help defray the significant medical costs for which Shauna is now responsible.

Any left over donations will also be put towards the costs of buying a new dog. While Simba is irreplaceable, a new dog will comfort her during this sad time, and eventually, help her to move on.

By donating to this fund, you are not just materially supporting Shauna and relieving her of some of the worries she has regarding these medical bills. When the time comes for her to bring home a new animal, that dog will be an extension of your love for her.

Shauna Bass herself promoted this fundraising campaign for herself on Twitter and Facebook. And it worked pretty well: so far, she’s raised $5,125. How much of that will go towards purchasing an extension of your love for her is unclear.

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