Check out today’s SPORTS where YES…where Patrico screws them up.  Plus we talk about the Cardinals and the All Star teams being announced.  Plus, some quick news on Penn State, Golf, and EURO 2012

The Cardinals lost two of three against the Pirates over the weekend, getting their only win yesterday 5-4.  Tonight they take on Colorado.  First pitch is scheduled for 7:15pm as Kyle Loshe gets the start.  Couple of Cardinals heading to the All-Star Game.  Rafael Furcal and Carlos Beltran will get the start in the NL as Yadier Molina and Lance Lynn also make the roster.  Still a chance to get one more Cardinal in as David Freese is up for the “LAST VOTE” in the NL.   Also, quick note, Carlos Beltran will compete in this years HOME RUN DERBY.


This will make you sick, now that former Penn State assistant Jerry Sandusky has been convicted of child sex abuse, old emails are coming out that shows school officials…INCLUDING Joe Paterno… decided NOT to contact outside authorities. Included in the emails were the former Atheletic Director, and the former Penn State president, and never mention Sandusky by name – only as “the subject” – but it proves that all these parties new, and essentially, swept what they knew under the rug. A rep from Paterno’s family said that JoePa is not to blame on this because the coach didn’t communicate through email – probably because he was 1,000 years old…..

Quick stuff:  Tiger Woods won the AT&T National over the weekend and got his 74th win, moving him past Jack Nicklaus into second place on the all time wins record.

EURO 2012…is officially over.  Spain beat Italy 4-0 and won the third straight major soccer title for their country.  They won the 08 EURO Title and the 2010 World Cup.

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