A Ninja sent us over this photo with an email that simply said, “Family Reunion True JeffCo Style.  She wanted to know if our listeners could come up with other good captions.  We’ve picked out favorite FOUR!  Who will have the best comment for the JeffCo Family Reunion Photo? Put your vote behind one of our finalist RIGHT NOW!

Here is the photo…we asked you all week to submit your caption below and the best one would win either Rockstar Mayhem TIX or a copy of SPEC OPS: THE LINE courtesy of STEVE “MANBALLS” MASTERS!



JOE’S COMMENT OF  “I wish they’d hurry up n get the lid off the septic tank so we can swim!”

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  1. Bad Chris says:

    HaHa I farted on your leg sucker!

  2. Susan says:

    Oh, GOOD LARD!

  3. Dave says:

    Someones dad should have pulled out

  4. Dave says:

    I see inbreeding has run itself rampant in Jefferson County

  5. Dave says:

    Safe Sex: If not done properly, this could be the results

  6. Keith says:

    “Careful there Bubba, she sat on my cousin’s, sister-in-law’s, brother’s leg and he had to have both of his knees and a hip replaced.”

  7. Paul says:

    On the next season of “What a Loser”…

  8. Aaron says:

    Who let the hooshiers out of the barn and the fat chick.

  9. Dave says:

    I dont even think the rally squirrel could help those rednecks out.

  10. Dave says:

    Crocs: Allowing fat rednecks to walk since 2002.

  11. Dave says:

    This is what happened to Kat Von D after her and Jessie James split up

  12. David says:

    Three men and the fat lady part 2

  13. Eric says:

    Jefferson county mormons: 3 husbands and 20 kids

  14. Mike says:

    So apparently that’s why our family tree doesn’t fork…..

  15. Eric says:

    You know its sad when the best looking thing on this photo is a pair of crocs.

  16. Eric says:

    Man, the economy really hit the circus hard this year.

  17. Eric says:

    For just 59 cents a day, you can sponsor one of these children.

  18. Brad says:

    I didn’t know Redneck Island was filmed in Missouri

  19. Susan says:

    Baywatch, the later years

  20. Susan says:

    Jeffco hoe, fo’ sho

  21. Susan says:


  22. Felix says:

    Bath salts. Helping fat people get full since 2012.

  23. Rood says:

    OH MY GOD!
    Are those lights gaurds a factory option?

  24. Rood says:

    Who let that ginger kid in here?

  25. TJ says:

    “Meth? Hell, nah, that takes all the fun outta eatin’!”

  26. Michael Mueller says:

    Biggest loser Jeff Co. style.

  27. Ben says:

    You thinkin what I’m thinkin… Time to shake and bake

  28. MikeMo says:

    The white remake of Tyler Perry’s “Madea Goes to the Beach” isn’t as funny as the original.

  29. Joe says:

    I wish they’d hurry up n get the lid off the septic tank so we can swim!

  30. Kevin says:

    now this is what I call a family reunion cuz!

  31. Nate says:

    “Sister Martha Sue, you sure are the classiest broad I’ve ever seen! I just wish brother Cletus wouldn’t a had first dibs on ya.”

  32. Steve says:

    Remember, keep the mask on…now who wants your sister next?

  33. steve says:

    DAAAAAAAMN!! This armadillo DOES taste like chicken!!

  34. Aaron says:

    There was a ton of people at the beach that day, but not many of them.

  35. This person says:

    Let’s take the kids too the lake and enjoy this hot summer day and grill and enjoy our day off. Drink a few cold ones.

  36. CAm says:

    The Patrico family reunion

  37. Randy says:

    Play some Skinnerd Dude

  38. Chad says:

    Look! Someone set a minivan hoosier trap!

  39. Larry says:

    Looks like they missed a few cows from last weeks truck accident

  40. Taylor says:

    Welcome to Corpus Christi, birthplace of diabetes – From the Chamber of Commerce

  41. shawn says:

    largest whale beaching in MO history!!!

  42. drew says:

    If one of you fat asses was like macgyver i could turn this chicken bone into a meth pipe and we might loose some weight!

  43. Mike Dub'ya says:

    It’s bird feedin’ time. Come on and git sum supper from yer momma, kids.

  44. FUNandGAMES says:

    It really is possible to deepthroat a whole chicken leg.

  45. eck says:

    The hope clinic.. Remember 8 months 29 days is not to late

  46. Kyle says:

    Thank god she’s big enough i can hide my face.

  47. Robb Voelpel says:

    The new ballpark village!!!! Go Cards!!

  48. Andrew says:

    The Jerry Springer Rejects

  49. Destro says:

    This new strip joint is awesome! You can pay the girls in wings!

  50. ECK says:

    MOM!!!! Timmy is feeding the wild boars chicken again!!!

  51. aaron says:

    The morning after pill. Four reasons why you should never go out with out some

  52. Keith says:

    JR: “Hey Bubba, how do you circumcise a redneck?”
    Bubba: “How?”
    JR: “Kick your fatass sister in the jaw!”

  53. Floyd Shaw says:

    “Hey Gertrude, get off that chicken wing . We gotta getsa hold of that craigs list Cubs fan who ants to bet on that there game next week.

  54. Shoeonotherfoot says:

    Im just gonna say I really hope kids are not involved at this point cause they are the ones that suffer the most from this. Also dont we teach our kids not to bully? I think we need to teach the Adults also. Im sorry to the people in the picture that have nothing to do with this and is now being made an ass in front of alot of people. This could shoot a persons confidence way down, and hurt this person or people for the rest of their life, if not sooner due to humiliation think about it.

    • FUNandGAMES says:

      Ur a fag.

    • Me says:

      Thank u very much!!!! the people in this picture are extremely hurt and so are the kids who love and cared about the girl that posted this picture she was only thinking about herself and trying to get back at her ex- husband not about the others in the picture…Again thank u for your post

      • THE Pope says:

        Why in the world would kids be hurt from this??? As a “parent” should you really let your kids get on the War blog??? No little ninjas needed.

      • Me says:

        The ex-wife that started this whole thing got her children involved they are old enough to see everything ,as for the children in this poto they heard people talking about this site and know exactly what’s going on….

  55. Sandoz says:

    Guurrrrrlllll…I done told ya, she only got there that one good eye but that bitch can cook up a pig

  56. Brittany L says:

    It’s all my mother’s fault. I wasn’t like this until I was born.

  57. Melissa says:

    The “Porktrico” . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . NOT just a sandwich at HotShotz

  58. slippy says:

    ” I know they repoed my trailer but you still got to take your shoes off and eat over a plate when you visit where my trailer once was.”

  59. Jeff Loeffler says:

    Soon as I sharpen this chicken bone we can get to tattin!

  60. speedy98 says:

    “I’ve got my toes in the sand and your fat ass in my hand!”

  61. Melissa says:

    and now . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . HEADLINE HOOSHE

  62. Brian says:

    All inclusive VIP seats at the Jeff Co demolition derby!!

  63. Jacob says:

    Stadium seating at the bonfire, hooshe-style.

  64. Brandon says:

    “you know something baby you get one more sexy tattoo you are going to get labeled a pretty person”…ANd you know we dont take kind to pretty people around here.

  65. Brandon in wentzville says:

    hey yall does anybody have a bigger towel, mine doesnt seem to make it around my fat gut

  66. john minks says:

    cardinals after world series win preparing for next year

  67. Richard says:

    A picture is worth a thousand pounds. Err, words.

  68. K says:

    I hope those coolers are fat ass approved!

  69. Todd Turigliatto says:

    Is this th eline to the Jerry Springer show or the family gangbang?

  70. Brandon in wentzville says:

    hey elroy, lift up my fat rolls and see if you can find that cupcake i saved for dessert

  71. Theresa Cooper Laufketter says:

    Finger lickin good…..

  72. karma says:

    So let’s retrace some steps here…. Couple has married for 10 +years, because yes they are legally still married…..the wife has done nothing but improve herself physically as well as financially…..You sir have sat on the couch for the last 6 years, living off your wife…….then you guys split due to your laziness, you lower your standards for this wanabe Kat Von D’s heavier half, then you decide to text your wife saying how much you miss her and want to be with her and then get caught in a pic with the “lil lady” on your knee……..You continue you bring up your ex when she has had nothing to do with this….. …… you claim to be a web site developer when really your skimming the system while sitin your @$$ on the couch doing nothing but surfing the net….. well done sir …….you’re a first class F up, your lil buddy deserves the Thoroughbred restin on his knee.

    • People who are misinformed really are sad. If anyone that knows the couple we are speaking of, knows how much of a selfish, lazy, conceited, big headed person that this “wife” is. She has done nothing to keep her family together, she has done nothing for her kids, she is so immature, that she can’t even see what she is doing to her kids by doing the things she is doing to their father. (and yes she had every part in this) She is a lazy bitch, you go to her house and it is a mess, there are dishes piled to the ceiling, her kids have no food to eat, there is dog shit on the floor that has obviously been there for days. I have to ask them if they have eaten today so i know they ate. I guarantee you, her fat ass ate breakfast on her way to work, she has sat down at a restaurant and ate on her lunch break (spending at least $15), and then probably brings home a $5 little cesar pizza for her kids. (her kids survive on little cesars pizza) My brother has tried countless of times to make his marriage work for the sake of his kids, but she will not stop judging him. He works in the construction industry and we all know that its hard out there for independent contractors and its seasonal work. Thats why i got out of it, i went to school, i got my degree in Web development and Software Development. Yeah, I made the page up, i will make a website up if i want to, you mess with my family, i will come after you.

      • Brandon says:

        This caption is too long and sucks!!!!

      • joe says:

        oK let me get this straight. HE dont work and sits at home with the kids and she works to pay bills? But yet SHE is the P.O.S ??? hmmm im confused. im a guy and when i was in school i was a stay at home dad and NEVER let my house get dirty. and i fed my kids if one person sits at home and one works i think the one working deserves to have a clean house when they get home no mater if your male or female.

    • Me says:

      They are still married and she been fucking someone else for the last 7 months,hell she is ready to have him move in with her…and she has EVERYTHING to do with this and she knows it so whoever u are shut your stupid mouth,I bet u would NEVER say this to her ex- husband face you fucking pussy.

      • Lmao says:

        Pretty sure he fucked what’s her face first. Which is why it didn’t work out in the first place. He doesn’t have a job. If you work in an industry where no work is available, you try a different industry to support your family. Ohhh no, not him! He’s too lazy! Also, how can he call his wife crying and begging to come home and end up with a different broad in his lap later that day? Sure sounds like he wants to work things out to me!

  73. Melissa says:

    This foundation holds plenty of weight, “Hey Earl, park that double-wide right here!”

  74. Kyle McKenna says:

    Next on FX, the brand new reality series “Trailer Park Ink”

  75. Kyle McKenna says:

    We’re going to need a bigger towel….

  76. THE Pope says:

    I now pronounce you beast and beast

  77. These bitches are the real Jeffco Trash! Go check out the page. see anyone you know – .. lmao!

  78. punky rooster says:

    When this chicken is gone, Im gonna eat me one of those skinny kids

  79. punky rooster says:


  80. Bryan says:

    “Bubba thinks about doubleteaming his sister with Jethro later”

  81. mike d says:

    I thought hippos only ate marbles

  82. Cory Peacock says:

    This seriously looks like it could be a Trailer Park Boys episode.

  83. george brown says:

    son, quit feeding the fat people!

  84. john ward says:

    Hey moma, what ya think yud be eatin if Billy wouldn`t have died from ink poisoning.

  85. Robert says:

    Next seasons Redneck Vacation family on CMT!

  86. Jason flesch says:

    Mom, mom!!! That lady stoled my piece of chic!ke, and she gi!ve her brothers a lap dance !

  87. Wanna see what happens to people who submit shit to the point? Go check out the page. see anyone you know – .. lmao!

  88. Jason flesch says:

    Damn!!! Bro, Lap dance for a piece of chicken. I’m next sis, I’ll give you my beer for one!

  89. Brian says:

    Dam girl! hurry up it’s my turn next.

  90. Don P says:

    She knows what to do with a bone.

  91. Talphon says:

    “Hey cuz, we only got one chicken wing. Tell her ta’ save some for the rest of us.”

  92. Jamie says:

    Waiting for the tide to come in at River Des Peres.

  93. Not a whiney douche says:

    I bet revengeissweet is gonna call the cyber police. Must be mad cousin Betty is on cousin earls lap.

  94. Matthew Skornia says:

    “Is that my wife..or your sister?” …”both”

  95. ryan says:

    That chicken was talkin ish on my family… I think I showed it what’s what.

  96. Brandon from wentzville says:

    hooshe sitting next to fat cow eating, “damn sis if u wasnt already pregnit wit cousin elroys baby I’d make luv to u right now”

  97. shawn kendall says:

    Hey kids, soak up this here ambience. We only get these free tickets to the tractor pull cause Uncle Jeb lost his leg at this shindig last year.

  98. Jeff in 636 says:

    Melissa the “Ex” is pretty damn hot. No wonder she got out that hoosier ass family. Can someone hook me up with her # please?

  99. mike septeowski says:

    giant beer cooler… check! lawn chairs…check! relaxing on the side of the highway…check! cut off shirts….check! fat bitch crushing my legs and i cant see threw… yup check! ok redneck party begin!!!

  100. Steve S says:

    Cows corralled for when the aliens come………….check.

  101. Sam Murrell says:

    mmmmmm your shoulder smells like chicken…… can I suck on the bone when your done

  102. Steve S says:

    There was once a hill on both sides of the sidewalk. All that gooey fatness turned the hillside in to a fine white-trash powder.

  103. Dan says:

    Beer-$20, Sleeveless Cardinals Shirts-$15, Knowing that these lawn chairs can hold up anything-Priceless!

  104. joe vollmer says:

    looks like my brothers n.a meetings in franklin co

  105. Dan says:

    “This Toby Keith concert is funner than a date with ma cousin. Has anyone seen ma Red Solo Cup?”

  106. I really hope none of you who have left a comment have children … Many of you are adults by your age alone .. Picking on someone because of whatever reason is just wrong and people wonder why children these days are bullies . You should all be shamed.

    • Sara says:

      Thank you charity, this is my fam. I just wasn’t there
      We are all good ppl are for GODS SAKE are NOT A
      BUNCH of dumb hilbillys!!

      • DudeGetAGrip says:

        a whole lot of crying going on around here, maybe the tears can unbeach those whales

      • Me says:

        There is people that are hurt from everyones mean comments,how would u feel if this was u and your family and kids? A jealous ex- wife thought it would be funny to belittle her own family that she has been apart of for over 15 years,the kids and people in this picture loved her and she just labeled them has trash,u can’t tell me that u wouldn’t be hurt if this was U or your kids so yes there are tears and hurt hearts.

      • Me says:

        As trash!!!!

  107. Denise says:

    Good grief…

  108. Tracy Rose says:

    Ain’t nothing but a thing…ain’t nothing but a fat hoosier bitch eating a chicken wing!

  109. Brandon from wentzville says:

    Guy that the fat chick is sitting on, “uh oh better hide my raging boner!”

  110. Phil Burch from the 618 says:

    Hey Fatass when is youre dumbass gonna stop feeding youreself by the when ya brothers gonna get in the souped up Muddin trucks and tear some shit up. It is hot out here we are almost out of beer and you ate all the food. Dam I cant take you anywhere nice, and you know this is the nicest place weve been to in years.

  111. Drew says:

    Would have finished the full body tattoo, however the world ran out of ink…

  112. Smart-L-ick says:

    As soon as the tide rises, the whale pod in distress may swim safely back to sea.

  113. chris says:

    Talk is cheap. So is the buffet. Grab Me another chicken leg

  114. Susan says:

    There goes that camera!

  115. Joe Kingman says:

    You pussy fuck. I’m a Hoosier and I would have owned up to this picture. “I’m gonna make a website hating on women”. You pussy fucker. You know what…I’m a fuckin big red neck hillbilly from Troy, Mo and if it was my family in the picture I woulda commented “So what?! sleeves are for work!”. As far as the big bitchin sucking the soul out of that rib..let it go big mama. If you don’t want that to happen, where a moo moo and stop sucking like there is diamonds for marrow. Sack up faggots.

  116. Check out this FB page that was made up of the bitches who put this up –

  117. Brian Loftin says:

    At least their not Cubs fans. 🙂

  118. Susan says:

    Unless those are homemade….there’s a tattoo artist regretting his decision to paint on that canvas.

  119. Susan says:

    I wish I looked that good in a swimsuit….said nobody ever.

  120. So here is the list of people who are responsible and decided to have W&R post this pic – Do what you please with them, just know if this was your family up there on this website, they would be hurt and i can tell you right now, that the woman in this pic and the little girl is crushed and devastated. I hope their all happy for what they have done to this little girl and not to mention those guys kids seen this website and everyone bashing these people and they are very hurt!!

    Jealous Ex-Wife Melissa, Jackie, Jenny, Jennifer, Chad, Susan, and Lisa

    • EDITOR NOTE: Sorry….no last names or personal info (last names, phone numbers, email addresses). Smack talk is fair game, threats are not. Other than that….have at it.

    • Drew says:

      So did Melissa, Jackie, Jenny, Jennifer, Chad, Susan, or Lisa take this picture? Or was the person depicted in this picture too stupid to make sure their page was private so that others could not view the picture? Maybe the blame is on her for not protecting herself from predatory people… If these people are “out to get her” then her page should have been private… Her fault.

      • Me says:

        Drew this picture was posted on someone FB for friends and family to see not on a site that is being labeled as JC trash big difference buddy… There are children in this picture whos feelings are hurt that someone that they love and care about posted something so ugly about them. These people that posted this are ugly and karma will get them someday,it’s such a shame that people think its so funny to hurt people everyone in this picture NEVER would think to do anything so hurtful, grow up seriously

  121. “Hey Honey, I knowed that we had 5 kids where’d the baby go?”

  122. DoleWhite says:

    “Fenton Shore”

  123. Jennifer Carmack says:

    “Who’d a ever thought, We’d actually wind up LIVING IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER!!!!!!!!!!”

  124. Melissa says:

    If we sit real quiet, we can hear the banjos.

  125. Tony G. says:

    We’re gonna need a bigger towel.

  126. Nick Jenkins says:

    Where’s the Beef??? Oh there it is!!!

  127. Russ says:

    The Aristocrats!

  128. Jtaylor says:

    To hell with bath salts I was just hungry!

  129. WhatTF says:

    So I noticed a comment or two from people wanting to be posted on revenge bashing, well here you go. These are the dumbasses who thought this would be funny. Note: The chick with tuna and a passport is the jealous x-wife that has been mentioned a few times.!/FattiesLoveCockToo


    • Susan says:

      Photo Shopped and they still have more class than what is being shown all natural in the pic above. Sorry…but….FAIL

      • WhatTF says:

        Lmao, guess you’re one of them. Nice try at a comeback comment, but yeah, fail. Oh and btw, class would never act so trash posting a picture like this to 105.7 now would they?

      • Its not about being Photoshopped you dumb broad! I’m going to dedicate a website to them soon!! Coming Soon! You may find yourself on there one day!!

      • Susan says:

        Then it sure sucks you still got the wrong people up there. I hope whoever that girl is don’t sue you for some sort of slander. Like I said….you don’t know me and you’re not even sure my name is Susan. Good luck!

    • Susan says:

      And No, I’m no one you would know, I’m just yet one of the hundreds of people enjoying the picture depicting some white trash hillbillies making complete asses of themselves in public just for simply going out in public the way that they did. And even if you did know me…I wouldn’t mind if you posted my pic on a webpage. Even on my absolute worse day, you guys make me look like a freakin’ goddess. And by the way, not a Fail since apparently I got to you. Have a great day!

      • I wouldn’t be surprised if some people lose their lives over this shit! There are bad threats going around and shit is fixing to get crazy!! I’m not saying from me, but im hearing things!! This is getting way out of hand here!!

      • WhatTF says:

        In reality your comment meant nothing to me, you were just the simpleton to type out something stupid about the photos being photo shopped, um… duh that’s obvious, thank you captain!

        That’s alright though, I suppose you’re right about them being hillbillies making asses of themselves in public, I mean after all, it is a private beach on a private lake where they’re simply enjoying a hot day with swimming, BBQ, and a few beers. If I’m not mistaken most of the St. Louis/Jefferson County population probably including you has partaken in the same activities more than once in their lives, yeah? Maybe I’m wrong.

        As for you being a goddess, someone so hateful couldn’t be at all that beautiful at least not on the inside no matter what you’re compared to.

        For anyone with a little heart, imagine this:

        The person this photo and most comments are being directed towards is a very kind and fun loving person who was simply trying to enjoy her birthday, she is merely the victim of another woman’s jealous act over her x-old man being with another woman. Sadly, this jealous person has gone as far as throwing her co-workers under the bus for doing this (now depicted on Facebook as whores until this photo is removed) as if she had not a single thing to do with it. So because of her pure undiluted and shameful jealousy, an innocent person gets to log in here and get her feelings smashed.

        Bravo f*&%in’ oh!

        So, someone may be wondering how this can be fixed? Well how about starting with having this photo removed and issuing a public admittance and apology? As for people posting shit here, think twice, the next photo could be of you.

      • Its funny how this comment came back to bite you in the ass isn’t it? Cause i got you on that page now you dumb ass bitch!! I knew i would find out who you were.. I don’t do this for a living for nothing!! Hahahahaha!!! Susan (NO LAST NAMES) –

  130. Check out this FB page that was made up of the bitches who put this up –

    • Drew says:

      I give it 12 hours.. You are an idiot if you think facebook will let your page stay… If you are putting all this effort into defaming these people you should know the ramifications… You could be sued for libel. If you knowingly print something untrue about someone… They can sue you for damages…ID 10 T…

      • hey drew in one of the pics on the fb page one of girls agreed to all the things that are said about her 100% There will be no one being sued on her behalf or the big guy and his cheese burger . If the words come out of their own mouth and typed from them then its 100% ok 😉

      • Drew your an idiot, I have consulted my attorney before making such a page. I know my rights, so nice try being a smart guy. The only thing that can be done, is they can hire an attorney to cease and desist and then i would have to take it down, but it would cost them almost $2000. I consulted my lawyer about War1057 taking this photo down and he told me he would have to charge me almost $2000 to have them be sent a cease and desist letter to have this photo taken down. Those photos that are on FB are considered public access and FB is considered freedom of speech. Open a book or have an attorney on retainer dumbass, before you open your mouth and say things that make you look foolish!! Peace Bitch!!

      • Lisa says:

        I love anybody who tries to insult another by saying “your an idiot”. If you are going to take the time to insult someone else’s intelligence (rightfully or otherwise) then at least take the time to use proper grammar when doing so. “You’re an idiot.”

      • Lisa, I guess you didn’t see the part where Drew called me an idiot? I was repeating what he said you dumb bitch!! Nice try on being a smart bitch!! I swear dumb people piss me off!! “Fucking Idiot”

  131. Jason says:

    This isn’t the beach. This is where the lake was before we all got in.

  132. pjn36 says:

    The three things every redneck dreams of:
    1) Cold Busch
    2) Warm Bush
    3) and Fried Chicken

  133. Jason says:

    Is this Coleman’s new advertisement for their new stronger chairs and coolers?!

  134. Tyler F says:

    Hey, I just met you, and this crazy, but here’s my biscuit, with extra gravy.

  135. pjn36 says:

    “Once your done having your fun with SIS, You gotta cut the sleeves off your shirt to show her who the boss is! Look, Me and Pa Done it too!!!!!!”

  136. Damn Girl ! the way you sucked down that chicken leg, I but your a master at sucking my d*@k.

  137. Melissa says:

    Deliverance Revisited

  138. really says:

    I find it funny that there are all these meth comments lol
    If u smoke meth…ur super skinny and deff not eatin….just sayin

  139. Hamilton says:

    guy on cooler to guy under chicken chick- “What the F**k Bill, we said no shoes and no sleeves!”

  140. Hamilton says:

    “Beer, Check..Cigarettes check…tattoos, check..chicken wings, hey!”

  141. Daniel R. says:

    I wish I was that chicken leg.

  142. Frank Burkhardt says:

    Ya know Granny was looking for that Dog.

  143. Derek says:

    I can’t (kaint) believe someone would throw this away with so much meat left on it! Aint been there more than a couple days!

  144. Jason says:

    The kids are still wondering where mommy took their pet rabbit

  145. Moose says:

    Johnboy, did you read instruction 14? Make sure to use to much Anhydrous ammonia when stirring rather then to little, if not a explosion could occur. Good thing we were in the basement, now what do we tell pa happened to the house?

  146. Kyle K says:

    Inbreeding or cloning? You make the call.

  147. Terry says:

    Come sit on daddy’s lap

  148. Aaron says:

    Loose. Butthole.

  149. sarah says:

    I think the best ones are Hocy Guy “Uncle…; Scott “For only 3…., Nick Melton “You know you’re…., and Steve “Red Neck storm chaser. I think these four should be up for the text poll friday morning!

  150. Melissa says:

    Sissy just wants to make sure to eat plenty of protein so she can endure the upcoming gang bang!

  151. Mark McLean says:

    Max level of swag.

  152. Mark McLean says:

    Don’t worry I’m from tech support.

  153. Mark McLean says:

    Get that half boner away from me!

  154. Mark McLean says:

    It looks like a car crash. I can’t look away!

  155. Matt says:

    We live in a van down by the river

  156. Melissa says:

    Good thing my swimsuit is still wet – Junior will never know that I just pissed on his lap.
    (snort snort) chicken bone (snort snort)

  157. Melissa says:

    Joplin clean-up effort FAIL

  158. Susan says:

    Jeffco beauty pageant: Swimsuit Competition

  159. Melissa says:

    ‘Cuz I got friends in low places . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  160. Susan says:

    I bet they all have really nice personalities

  161. joe says:

    Boy i bet you could suck a mean dong sis. you wana try?

  162. Susan says:

    June is bustin’ out all ovee!

  163. Susan says:

    Because sometimes you don’t need to taste the meat.

  164. todd says:

    bucket of chicken 10.dollars. case of beer 20 dollars. good meth before the gang bang “PRICELESS”

  165. Melissa says:

    DAAAAAAMN! She’s workin’ that bone OVER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . wonder if I can git a date?

  166. Brandon says:

    its a patrico family reunion

  167. Dustin W says:

    So what year is your house again?

  168. Andrew says:

    Nothing like picking up chicks at the family reunion

  169. Michael says:

    Mtvs newist show “jefferson county shores”

  170. Kristy says:

    Whispers: “Keep Completely Still, Her Vision is Based on Movement…”

  171. Andrew B says:

    She ate the whole thing……that’s hot

  172. tbone5900 says:

    Didn’t you get the memo? Naked chicks only!

  173. Ann Farhat says:

    As the Donner party settled in for the night it would be Brittany that would be the first to partake in the smallest and slowest of through children.

  174. joe says:

    (Ha) This bitch definitely saw the sign that said rib tip.

  175. Dustin W says:

    Jeff countys…. Bombshell Mcgee !

  176. Ignorance is bliss says:

    This is on a 18 acre lake, a private development which is not trashy at all and might I inform all of u that this was sent in by a jealous ex-wife for her idea of a poor sick joke.

    • joe says:

      And just how would you know this ??? are you the one in the zebra shorts or blue? or the other guy who noone can tell what you look like

      • Ignorance is bliss says:

        No, Im not in the picture at all but I live there and these are my friends and the girl is my best friend. and if u seen the ex-wife that posted this u would be vomiting in ur mouth, shes god awful

    • Seth says:

      Ignorance is bliss…

    • Me says:

      I might add she is a jealous ex-wife that lives in a trashy ass house and is a fat slob. She can only wish to look as good as the girl in pink.

  177. joe says:

    I saw that sign that said rib tip!

  178. Don P says:

    Can’t tell if that’s her vagina…. or just the back of her thigh.

  179. Dustin W says:

    Pre Drinking before we hit the road for Florida! Gonna find us a good trailer where we’ll fit in just fine!

  180. Bob Junior says:

    No way the complaints on here are actually from anyone in this photo. I guarantee THEY DON’T COMPUTER

  181. Don P says:

    Next Time on Whale Wars.

  182. Clintelman says:

    Redneck Sandbox

  183. Andrew VanDyke says:

    Look bitch, you ask before you take the last piece of chicken !!! This is the last time I take you on a date with my brother !! And take off my daughters swim suit !!

  184. PTM says:

    Correction: Woody (zebra shorts) and Rizz(blue shorts) and Patrico(being crushed by the pink blob) in 5 years…..

  185. Anna Roland says:

    Hey sis, the way your eating that chicken wing makes you look like a Hoosier!

  186. PTM says:

    Woody and Rizz in 5 years….

  187. Melissa Kaemmerer says:

    When I finish cleaning this bone . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I’m havin’ sex with it!

  188. Tara S says:

    Honey I shrunk the Hoosiers and they fell in the litter box

  189. TC says:

    Snapshot from the music video set of Cake and Sodomy by Marilyn Manson

  190. Tara S says:

    Wrong Turn 5 – Coming to a theater near you…

  191. Ricky says:

    See I told you if you bring the tv outside if would feel like you are there watching Jr live. Hey sissy why don’t you put down that chicken wing and see if donnie wants to come over and watch the race

  192. Matt V says:

    Hey y’all!the shelter has a patio we can watch the cards game on,load up the f*ckin kids and lets go!

  193. greg says:

    The sad thing is i know some of them

  194. Tim says:

    You’d think if they weren’t sitting in the basement there house wouldn’t of blown away.

  195. Dustin W says:

    TMZ REPORTS;…Craiglist Personals first wedding reception photos leaked.

  196. Dustin W says:

    Hillbilly Handfishin tryouts

  197. Susan says:

    The “no skinny dipping ” sign needs to replaced with a “no fatty flopping” sign.

  198. Nat says:

    now jus sit right here, and ride ‘er nicccccccce & easy…

  199. casey falkengren says:

    Its the next Seal Team 6!!!

  200. William says:

    These Jeffersonites are flocking the local scences including such established and Classy joints as the Meramec Bridge Sand Bar at Lemay Ferry Road. They are all celebrating the return of their local hero Jennifer Culp for showing the people of south County that “Jefferson Countians will been makin meth anywhere theys wants too.” Festiviies included Sexy Swimsuit/Wing Eating Competitions and Washers.

  201. scott Winka says:

    Hey, is that uncle Earl’s Meth encrusted chicken?

  202. Dustin W says:

    1 more welfare check and this pool will be done.

  203. AG says:

    JeffCo Lawn Dart Association semi-annual tourney, 2012. Sponsored by Fritz’s Frog Legs & Ink Studio.

  204. Susan says:

    New Sea World exhibit: JeffCo Jelly Rolls

  205. Natalie says:

    I didn’t know we’z been washed up timmy, had me lil chicken tender to ‘tiiiiiiiiiiiide’ me over..

  206. Dustin W says:

    Jeff county Wal-mart, family photo sample.

  207. AG says:

    Goose Creek…and you thought it was all hoosiers and heroine…

  208. dianna r says:

    *****I think this was taken at RainTree in Hillsboro,’s a gated community**** Yes I’ve been there but our get together was nothing like this! I have no comments, I just kept staring at the women eating the chicken :/ Suck it guys!

  209. Matt Wilson says:

    I dont know what I want more. The fox sitting on your lap or the fine piece of meat shes eating. Wow is that a tattoo of the KFC logo?

  210. Jennifer says:

    all the outrage over the TIME Magazine cover but no one is talking about young JimBob watching little JohnBoy making out with AuntieMama in the background

  211. Josh says:

    Tonight, on Hoose Hunters see the elusive Jeffco MO Hoose, at The River Rambler Reunion, where cousins have been connecting since 1987.

  212. Jimmy g says:

    This is a swamp ass alert

  213. jonesy says:

    My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, and I’m like it’s better than yours

  214. Craig says:

    Man, my brother always gets the best women!

  215. Joel K says:

    “My Big Redness Vacation”….St. Louis style

  216. scott says:

    Once the flood water went down those broken sand bags made a great beach!

  217. Deezy Breezy says:

    come on sis get up I can’t feel my legs

  218. Hockey guy says:

    “Uncle Jethro paid a dozen chicken wings for that lap dance.”

  219. Jennifer says:

    quik-set concrete and a cooler full of beer and leftover fried chicken: the venus fly trap of JeffCo.

  220. Blake says:

    OMG Bubba!! Dale jr is passin for the lead! I sure do miss his daddy tho! Yee haw!

  221. Will says:

    Hey throw me that hand towel, I mean beach towel.

  222. Ryan says:

    Lakeside incest

  223. Nick says:

    Meanwhile in the Cardinals bullpen…….

  224. jared says:

    Damn Sis, watching you suck on that chicken bone sure be turning me on.
    Why don’t ya bring your big hot air ballon looking ass over here and finish what you started last night.

  225. Andrea Noll says:

    Never to big to sit on daddy lap.

  226. taywill says:

    Damn Sis… Ain’t never seen no one eat a chicken wing that sexylike

  227. Donna says:

    Fred Bird!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh no, say it ain’t so…

  228. Craven1023 says:

    Man the Harpoons!

  229. high says:

    This large towel fit before the chicken

  230. Dill says:

    City of Wood River Janitors Union, Local 137 Memorial Day BBQ 2012

  231. Ben Hicks says:

    Man that looks good, which kid is she eatin now?

  232. mickey says:

    Seriously. Zebra print for swim trunks. I thought the lap dog was appalling.

  233. Ashley Smashley says:

    Every family reunion becomes hoosier once it has the 3 C’s …. Cans of beer, Chicken wings, and Crystal meth.

  234. DanO says:

    We beat being Metherson County “Meth Skinny” Stereotype!!!

  235. Susan says:

    Lickin’ the bone clean like a Boss

  236. Susan says:

    People of Wal-Mart Rejects

  237. Con says:

    Can I get 3 buckets of chicken and a diet soda

  238. Tony says:

    Hey kids! Get Papa, Bubba, and Uncle Jeffrey their robes outta the box the minivan, the ones with the hoods not the ones your daddy “blows his nose” in. Then come down here and make a gravel-castle with your sister…

  239. Maynard says:

    The camera adds ten pounds they say….so we got about 100 cameras Id say.

  240. Drew says:

    Swamp people was filmed in front of a live Hoosier audience!

  241. KJ says:

    You Cleaned out the Cat box before You let julie Make a Kitty Castle Right ?!!

  242. dblee2 says:

    Is that a hand towel?!?!?

  243. Susan says:

    It’s PEANUT BUTTER CHICKEN TIME….PEANUT BUTTER CHICKEN TIME….where it at…where it at….there it go…there it go

  244. Susan says:

    Somebody really screwed up. Don’t the signs at the zoo say “Don’t feed the animals”?

  245. Brett McKinzie says:

    The EPA received reports of white trash washing up on a local beach…

  246. Susan says:


    Are Hippos Vegetarians?
    yes they are but… there are many incidents that people have been killed by being bitten or trampled over by hippos.

  247. The Relic says:

    Proudly attending the openong of the Headline Hoose Hall of Fame.

  248. philkro says:

    how much for a lap dance and a slab of ribs

  249. A-ron says:

    The White Trash Expo swimsuit competition is always a fan favorite!

  250. Susan says:

    Billy Bob is scared…his “please don’t eat me” tattoo isn’t visible today.

  251. Myke fletcher says:

    The people of walmart expo 2012 was held in Jeffco this year. Hell of a turnout

  252. Grabasandwich says:

    Kind of looks like the cat litter box with a lot of shit laying around.

  253. says:

    “Construction for the new Golden Corral has been slowed down due to these fans of the chocolate fountain.”

  254. Russ says:

    Free chicken and box seats at Wrigley Field, it don’t get any better than this..

  255. Brandon says:

    Now holding auditions for Deliverance: The Musical

  256. cody says:

    see kids with a little alcohol and meth anywhere can be fun

  257. WhatTF says:

    Where’s the fat, spare tire wearing, thinks she’s hot, jealous x-wife that posted this?

  258. Jarad Backlund says:

    While enjoying the pastor’s sermon, Betty Lou couldn’t but feel the Spirit of the Chicken Bone move thru her. “Praise be to Kentucky Fried!”

  259. MikeW-STU00 says:

    There used to be five children in this photo, but after some bath salts…

  260. WhatTF says:

    Funny thing is, a fat ass jealous bitch posted this shit to 105.7 Can’t wait to find a piture of her hanging spare tire to show everyone what a fat nasty JeffCo slob she is. Shame I can’t get a picture of her trashed ass slob house too.

    • Ignorance is bliss says:

      AGREED! and shes gonna have somethin comin forsure. My friends dont take shit lightly

    • WhatTF says:

      @Foxy, oh she’s being blasted in a few ways. Facebook is always a great place to make an ass out of someone infront of their friends. *grins*

  261. MikeW-STU00 says:

    Their used to be five children in this photo, but after some bath salts…

  262. Matt says:

    Does this towel make me look fat?

  263. rich says:

    Crikey!!!Because when they strike it can be that quick that if they’re within range, you’re dead, you’re dead in your tracks. And their heads weigh more than my body.So it’s why we keep this short, half constructed wall to keep them confused and docile.

  264. Jared says:

    Look I found a piece of chicken in my moose knuckle.

  265. Ken(no longer)in Cali says:

    As you can see, it takes intense training to keep those bodies in shape.

  266. John says:

    “The cheap seats at Busch are finally within reach”

  267. Susan says:

    Run Red Birds! RUN!

  268. Susan says:

    Jefferson County: When the finer things in life just don’t appeal to you.

  269. Justin Royer says:

    You gonna eat all that chicken, Punkin?

  270. Susan says:


  271. Susan says:

    Is this outside of Wal-Mart?

  272. Steve P says:

    This is the view from DON-NAY’s front porch

  273. Damn… Kat Von D really let herself go…

  274. Steve P says:

    Hey did you take the last piece of squirrel?

  275. Witness Protection fails again, eh Kat Von D??

  276. Steve P says:

    Now you know you gotta wait 30 minutes after you eat that before you can go swimming in the concrete pond

  277. Tim Brown says:

    Damn momma you gonna eat that there chicken leg or make love to it!!! We just got here and I’m already sweating just watching you eat that there thing!!!

  278. Austin says:

    “Extreme Makeover: Hooshe Edition”

  279. G says:

    Look it a white big black with one eye shut!

  280. Richard Woodress says:

    Kids, one day this could all be yours.

  281. Kyle Hawkins says:

    This picture has been photo shopped if u look really close u can see the CUBS logo on there shirts

  282. Frank says:

    Proudly sponsored by Busch beer!

  283. Mike says:

    “Hey don’t worry we ain’t gonna be here too much longer, heard their buildin’ a walmart super center just down the river”

  284. Jeff says:

    Pardon me, do you have any grey pop on ?

  285. Jay.J says:

    Pier 29 at Fisherman’s Wharf SF, CA has now relocated in Missouri. We ask everyone not to feed the Sea Lions.

  286. Jay.J says:

    Pier 29 at Fisherman’s Wharf SF, CA has now relocated in Missouri. We ask everyone not to feed the Sea Lions.

  287. FBG says:

    “I dont know what turns me on more…That chicken wing, or my sister eating that chicken wing…”

  288. Chris Wood says:

    Come to Missouri: we have beaches!

  289. josh says:

    Free willy 4: willy gets grilled. Starring larry the cable guy and the rest of his family

  290. Dave says:

    WOO-HOO!!! A JeffCo Gentlemen’s Club!!

  291. scott says:

    For only three easy payments you too can own an unbreakable chair!

  292. Lucky8371 says:

    “Bitch stole my chicken wing”

  293. Jay says:

    Pictured: Patrico family reunion.


  294. scott says:

    Is that Donny under there?

  295. scott says:

    Will it flush?

  296. scott says:

    Due to corporate cutbacks, WAR is forced to combine the headline hoosh, bitch-be-trippin, freaks of the week, and Rizz’s birthday party all in one shot.

  297. tim says:

    wrong county

  298. Darrel says:

    “Hey! Quit HOGgin Up The Dugout!”

  299. FoxyHotsauce says:

    Ain’t nuthin’ better than cold chicken at Ballpark Village.

  300. FBG says:

    “Amber Alert” Have you seen this poor child pictured above? Last seen alone, sad, and hungry, made to play by herself in the dirt away from the other children…her only meal in weeks, a loan turkey leg, stolen by her glutton of a mother, who ravages it down with guilty pleasure. Now all she has left is a bowl of sand….If you see her…Please…ABDUCT HER, and take her far, far away from Jeff County, no charges will be filed…

  301. russ-the non-douche bag says:

    three more payments ‘n’ this baby’s mine!

  302. Shawn says:

    This is your future if you stop taking Steroids !!!!

  303. robi says:

    Looks like Dog the Bounty Hunter is being filmed before a live studio audience now.

  304. Jared says:

    Hey Sis! I’ll give ya this here beer if you give me a lap dance too!

  305. Aaron says:

    News flash Jethro Tull roadies missing .. and needed for questioning .. description ; giant mongoloid women in ill fitting bikini appearance resembles a wall of tattoo flash if it were located on a shaved water buffalo .. man slightly resembling an obese lance berkman .. wearing decorative bed sheet with a cardiovascular friendly sleeves .. if located proceed with caution .. consider very dangerous due to mating season and and irregular eating habits.

  306. Ben says:

    Where’s waldo

  307. James Thurman says:

    “Damn girl! what the rest of us gunna eat?”

  308. Sam P says:

    If you divorce her is she still your sister?

  309. Ashley says:

    My drumstick brings all the boys to the yard

  310. scott says:

    It is so sad seeing what global warming has done to the beaches.

  311. Ashley says:

    Not so finger lickin’ good…

  312. Ceasar says:

    Just another day at the Jeff Co beach.

  313. tj says:

    Shiny side down fo life

  314. Adam R says:

    Man, I swear there used to be water here.

  315. Felipe says:

    The legendary WHITE TRASH HEAVEN(located behind the boat ramp facing the port-o-Potty’s)…. Where all the girls are obese have more tattoos then you and the canned busch flows like a bloody nose and fried chicken grows on trees…. git-R-done brother

  316. josh says:

    I have never seen beached whales eat and screw at the same time

  317. CJ says:

    todays porno actress starred in such fine films as “2 beers, one chicken wing and a deep crater” and “meet me in festus for a two tooth two-some” and her finest role as betsy in “holy ish that stinks”

  318. nick melton says:

    You know your a redneck when the best looking thing at your reunion is a chicken leg and a can of beer

  319. Mark says:

    This is the last Jeff co strip club I’ll ever try

  320. nick melton says:

    one beer, one chicken leg and two pairs of crocks must be goose creek…

  321. Steve says:

    I’m just a guessin that wish at least one more of them there skinny kids come over that there wall? Bet that last one didn’t fill you up nuff.

  322. Andrew VanDyke says:

    Nice little sand beach right next to this sweet concrete wall, free….Realizing your sister needs a bigger towl, for more reason than a bbq chicken leg, Priceless….

  323. Nicholas hazelwonder says:

    FAIL: if u cant bench press her thn that bitch dont sit on ur leg.

  324. Kevin Williams says:

    It takes a whole lot of lubrication to stuff a marshmallow in a piggy bank

  325. chrispy says:

    “I remember my first beer”

  326. Eric white says:

    Jerry’s kids reunion!

  327. C says:

    Dude, no. This is serious. I just sharted.

  328. george says:

    Just another day in paradise!

  329. george says:

    JeffCo, nuff said

  330. Dustin W says:

    Wait your turn Darryl. When we get done we have to take her and her kids back to the truck stop!!

  331. jason says:

    hey delbert,I told you that scalper said we’d be sittin’ in the dugout

  332. Jeremy Buehlhorn says:

    “Hey ya’ll, does eatin this here chicken make me look fat?”

  333. G.C Ninja says:

    I’mma go all ninja turtle if your old lady don’t share that chicken leg, I’ve been coming to this sewer since before u knew her , I gots sen-ror-ity dammit the hell!

  334. Sheila says:

    Hey Wilma.. If you would quit farting on Leo’s leg, they might actually let us in the stadium next time.

  335. Chris Sherman says:

    “Hey Sally Ray, you seen ma sister?”

  336. todd says:

    pink, ink and stink what else could a man want?

  337. Johnny B says:

    Man, she sure likes the bone.

  338. Chris Sherman says:

    “Methlab groundbreaking ceremony with Jeffco county officials and the official Mrs Jeffco!”

  339. Scott says:

    redneck yacht club

  340. Danny Clay says:

    Wife: “damnit Cletus I told you this towel wouldn’t fit me!!!”…..Husband: “well Girt I told you to go in the dressing room and try it on first but you just HAD to get to Ponderosa before going to the homeschool class reunion of 99′”

  341. TJ says:

    “Look at a meth addict. Now look at us. Do you REALLY think we’re cooking meth down here?”

  342. Jason Basham says:

    Hey guys if this is what we got to look forward to in life Lets get the F out a here!!

  343. Jason Basham says:

    look kids its dinner time for the rhinos!!

  344. Jason Basham says:

    Hey kids look its the Rhinos in a half cage at dinner!!

  345. TJ says:

    You don’t want to see what happens if you feed them AFTER midnight.

  346. Josh says:

    “There ain’t no way we’re missin’ this Wal-Mart grand opening!”

  347. steve says:

    Red Neck storm chasers.- “Sure it’s safe! Darryl said half a basement is better than none”

  348. Jeffrey says:

    Yes sir……we gots the spot for the fireworks show and we are not moving for nothn’.

  349. Don H says:

    Where are the bath salts and hungry black men when you need them?

  350. Jennifer says:

    We ate your baby, the dingo, and the dingo’s baby! And they were just the appetizers!

  351. brandon hunt says:

    Backstage at miss trailer trash 2011

  352. Alex says:

    Just working on my swimsuit figure

  353. susan says:

    Today scientist confirmed that the “Hoosier containment facility” was not working up to expected levels, some had actually leaked out

  354. zach says:

    Just another Cardinals tailgate party

  355. Sam says:

    “Listen here buddy if anyone is going to have sex with my sister it’s going to be me!”

  356. Dude says:

    Looks like Pinky is getting meat front and back…

  357. todd says:

    ya, we met on craigslist.

  358. todd says:

    wooooweeee what smells like rotten tuna?

  359. doug says:

    that’s a whoooooole lotta pink and ink on the chick

  360. Aaron M says:

    Club Imperial Amature Stripper night on the Missouri River

  361. Darren says:

    The cast of People of Wal-Mart.

  362. Jake says:

    The drive-in must be showing he Martin Luther King assassination again.

  363. Chris says:

    “This is the best float trip yet!”

  364. Ben says:

    Catching some rays at my favorite vacation get away

  365. Scooby says:

    “Next time on my big redneck Vacation….”

  366. Thad Lamb says:

    Hey Bobby, your old lady keeps eating like that, you are gonna have to buy bigger towels.

  367. jeff says:

    pujols taste great!!!

  368. Jay says:

    The proposed Redneck Club for Ballpark Village

  369. Dewayne says:

    Garbage pail kids class reunion 2012

  370. Jeff says:

    Camping out for Dollar General Black Friday deals!

  371. Sean says:

    Revenge of the Garbage Pale Kids

  372. Chris says:

    Trade you dis here half drank beer for that half aten chicken wing…

  373. Brian says:

    Who needs an ashtray when you can party in one!!!

  374. Donna says:

    Thanks Lester, these are great seats you got us for the game

  375. Ben says:

    Nothin like the smell of insest and meth at the lake…

  376. Koop says:

    Biggest Loser – before the show. How to train to make sure you get your spot.

  377. Jake says:

    Wow! Great turn out for the Obama impeachment rally!!!!

  378. Sweaty balls says:

    My sweety ate my leg with her ass.

  379. Greg says:

    Rhonda trys to concentrate on her chicken, but inside she really wants to strangle J.R. for bringin hand towels to swim at the creek.

  380. Matt says:

    Its a Jefferson County thing, you wouldn’t understand!

  381. mike maloney says:

    Watching the Cardinals, Down by the RIVER!!!

  382. Brett W says:

    “Survivor: Jefferson County”

  383. Seth says:

    Time to carb up before the family gang bang.

  384. AC says:

    Meanwhile at the redneck drive-in strip club (kids allowed) Cletus is getting a lap dance by big Bertha while she devours a fried chicken wing. Multitasking has never been sexier.

  385. roy says:

    The bus should be here soon bringing Momma home from prison.

  386. Derek says:

    All prepared for the granite city homecoming!!

  387. ryan says:

    Hoo-sier daddy?

  388. Todd says:

    Hoooooweeee! Bud light, chikin, and tits! Amuhrica, fuck yea!

  389. Jeremy says:

    Am I getting your lap wet?

  390. Jim hunt says:

    You can’t hide mone!

  391. Brian says:

    Weight Watchers meeting!

  392. mike says:

    Its uncle festers from the addams family, family reunion. Cousin it is sitting onguys lap

  393. Dave says:

    Welcome to Meth Making 101.

  394. Rob Smith says:

    Yuh, shur are lucky Dale my sis never sits on my lap and eats chicken bones!

  395. Dave says:

    “Hey look, the DEA is at Jeffthrow’s trailer again. Let’s watch.”

  396. matt says:

    Beached Walruses

  397. Dewayne says:

    Jeff co business college a small college could make a big difference

  398. george brown says:

    come on baby show lynard skynard your tits!! woo hoo!!

  399. Dewayne says:

    Waiting in line for the release of brand new oakleys

  400. george brown says:

    what? you never had a party in your basement before.

  401. Zac says:

    “Jefferson county meth cookers convention.”

  402. aaron says:

    “River Des Peres vacation 2012”

  403. Dave says:

    “Mmm… sewer rat on a stick. Now that’s good eating’.”

  404. Dewayne says:

    When did we get chicken?

  405. george brown says:

    when we finallyget water in this pool its gonna be the bomb

  406. Jason says:

    New Movie from Hasbro Toys….Hungry Hungry Hippos

  407. Alaric Rays says:

    There would have been banjo music, but they ate those too

  408. brandon says:

    Watching a Ashley Salazar performance.

  409. Bigpun says:

    “It sure is good to get a break from the lab”

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