THE MOST AMERICAN CAR IS….THE TOYOTA CAMRY [FYI HOOSIERS] just released their annual list of the “Most American” cars of the year….. and the “Most American” car of the year is . . . the Toyota Camry. The Ford F-150 finished second. The index is based on factors like car production in the U.S., domestic part usage, and U.S. sales. 

So even though the Camry is a Toyota, the ones we buy in the U.S. are assembled in Kentucky or Indiana. Actually, five of the 10 “Most American” cars of 2012 are either Toyotas or Hondas.  Besides the Camry, the list also includes the Honda Accord, Toyota Sienna, Honda Pilot, and Toyota Tundra. The other five on the list are all from the “Big 3” American car companies:  The Ford F-150, Chevy Traverse, Jeep Liberty, GMC Acadia, and Buick Enclave.


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  1. Eric Shapiro says:

    They may be assembled in America which is great for creating jobs, no doubt. However, when all is said and done, who’s making the profit here? Who’s economy are we pumping money into when we buy Toyota or Honda? Is it America’s?

    • war1057 says:

      Yes, it is. Unless you ship your car overseas to get serviced….which I do, but most people don’t. Its a different world now….its not so simple.

  2. So if anyone yells at you about “buying American”, you can now tell them you are. And that you’re gonna go celebrate by eating some deep fried sushi. ‘Murica.

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