TOP 50 HARD ROCK SONGS OF THE 21ST CENTURY [LIST/FYI] has put together a list of the Top 50 Hard Rock Songs of the 21st Century.  They took several things into account, including “creative influence, originality, radio play, fan reaction, relative importance, and pure awesomeness.”

They also stuck to their definition of “hard rock” . . . and left out stuff that’s more metal and punk.

Here’s the Top 20:

1.)  “Chop Suey!”System of a Down  (2001)
2.)  “In the End”Linkin Park  (2001)
3.)  “Bring Me to Life”Evanescence  (2003)
4.)  “You Know You’re Right”Nirvana  (2002)
5.)  “Schism”Tool  (2001)
6.)  “Best of You”Foo Fighters  (2005)
7.)  “Seven Nation Army”The White Stripes  (2003)
8.)  “By the Way”Red Hot Chili Peppers  (2002)
9.)  “Last Resort”Papa Roach  (2000)
10.)  “Jesus of Suburbia”Green Day  (2005)
11.)  “Change (In the House of Flies)”Deftones  (2000)
12.)  “Down with the Sickness”Disturbed  (2000)
13.)  “Awake”Godsmack  (2000)
14.)  “No One Knows”Queens of the Stone Age  (2002)
15.)  “Left Behind”Slipknot  (2001)
16.)  “Kryptonite”3 Doors Down  (2000)
17.)  “Judith”A Perfect Circle  (2000)
18.)  “Youth of the Nation”P.O.D.  (2001)
19.)  “The Hand That Feeds”Nine Inch Nails  (2005)
20.)  “Bat Country”Avenged Sevenfold  (2005)

It’s worth noting that all of the Top 20 were released in the first half of the century, from 2000 to 2005.  Number 21 is “Sound of Madness” by SHINEDOWN.  It was released in 2008.

There’s nothing in the Top 50 from the past three years, although Loudwire insinuates that everything released in the 2000s was eligible.  They didn’t say, but perhaps the lack of recent stuff was a product of the formula they used.

The most recent entries are PEARL JAM’S “The Fixer” at #31, and ALICE IN CHAINS’ “Check My Brain” at #39.  Both were released in August of 2009

You can find the complete list at  It includes brief write-ups on each song, along with YouTube links to the audio.  It’s a long slideshow . . . so here’s a link that takes you directly to the top of the list.

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  1. Dan says:

    This list sucks. How are Disturbed, Slipknot, and Godsmack hard rock and not metal? I love those songs by those three, but they don’t belong a “hard rock” list. One Step Closer was way more influential then In the End. These are probably the same people who didn’t vote Kate Upton to be in the top ten of Maxim’s Top 100 list

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