In today’s SPORTS we chat about the Cardinals, some All-Star game notes and of course, some stuff about the Olympics including a MUST SEE VIDEO of a gymnast straight FACE PLANTING!

The Cardinals beat the Rockies last night at Busch after Allen Craig hit two homeruns.  Final score last night was 9-3.  Tonight, two teams are at it again as the Rockies and Cards face off at 7:15PM tonight.  Joe Kelly gets the start for the Cardinals.

Speaking of the Cardinals – former manager Tony LaRussa is causing some trouble with his All-Star picks.  The Brewers are pissed that the team didn’t pick Zack Greinke to join the squad and the REDS are pissed the Johnny Cueto and Brandon Phillips aren’t on the roster.  Reds manager Dusty Baker claims that the scuffle between the Reds and Cards back in 2010 is the reason that Cueto and Phillips didn’t make the team…LaRussa claims that it’s pitching schedules that is keeping both Greinke and Cueto off the roster.  Remember – keep voting for David Freese for the Final Spot on the NL Roster.

Time for some Olympics chat.  Michael Phelps will NOT tie the record of 8 gold medals that he set four years ago because he dropped out of the 200-meter freestyle.  He said he wanted to focus on fewer events to be more successful and he also confirmed that he is RETIRING after the London game.  He said, “I won’t be coming back.  Put it on the record.”

In case you missed this on Sunday..which you did…Nastia Liukin fell short of making the U.S Gymnastics team because she FACE PLANTED while trying to dismount on the uneven bars…you have to watch the video btw…it’s hilarious! By not making the team, she will be ending her competitive career as well.  She says: I understand that my time is up and I’m excited to cheer on these girls.”  Yeah – sure.  See the video of her face planting below:

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