In today’s DISCOUNT NEWS we chat DUMBASSES IN THE NEWS including a dude getting busted by his mom, a deadbeat dad, chips leading to a bust, and a man robs a 7-11 because of lack of sex.


On Tuesday morning, 22-year-old Roy Mitchell of Flowood, Mississippi was driving with his mom and pulled over to a convenience store in Brandon, Mississippi.  He told his mom he was going inside to buy a bag of chips. But really, he went in to ROB THE PLACE.  He pulled out a gun and demanded money from the cash register. There was just one problem.  His mom saw what was happening from outside.  And she was NOT having it.  So she stormed into the store, YELLED at her son, GRABBED the gun, and DRAGGED HIM out of the store. She also asked the clerk not to call the cops . . . but the clerk did anyway.  Roy was arrested and charged with attempted armed robbery.  His mom is not facing any charges. 

40-year-old Joshua Garlathy owes more than $32,000in back child support to his ex and his daughter in Allentown, Pennsylvania.  He hasn’t paid in 19 years, and has been moving from state-to-state to keep avoiding arrest. Well . . . there’s a new law in Pennsylvania that makes it ILLEGAL to move out of state to avoid paying child support.  So his ex-wife finally had a bounty hunter try to lure him back to the state.  Here’s how . . . -The bounty hunter posed as a producer on a new Jennifer Aniston movie filming in Pennsylvania . . . and contacted Garlathy on Facebook to offer him a FAKE ROLE in the movie.  He said he’d spotted Garlathy playing guitar in a café in Hawaii and wanted him for the part.  Garlathy fell for it and hopped a plane to Pennsylvania.  He was arrested at the airport.  On Tuesday, he pleaded guilty to willful failure to pay child support.  He got six months of probation and FINALLY has to pay all the money. 

Around 2:20 A.M. on Thursday, 21-year-old Benjamin Sickles of Washington, Pennsylvania decided to rob a Subway.  The sandwich place, not the underground public transportation. He broke three windows and a glass door to get in, then tried to bust open the cash register.  But he couldn’t get it open.  Rather than just call it a loss, Benjamin decided to steal NINE BAGS of chips. When the cops got there, they noticed a TRAIL of those chips leading out of the restaurant.  Yeah . . . apparently Benjamin had been eating them as he left and didn’t notice he was dropping some of them as he walked. They traced the trail to Washington High School . . . the school Benjamin graduated from three years ago . . . and found him sitting on the steps, still eating chips.  Must be a proud alumni moment for the school. He was arrested and charged with burglary, criminal trespass, theft, and criminal mischief.

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