Today’s Sports has us chatting about the HOMERUN DERBY…Steve Nash on a new team…Adrian Peterson gets arrested…and you have to see what a Latvian NBA player is doing during his time off.

The Cardinals ended the first half of their season yesterday with a walk off win against the Marlins. Rafael Furcal got the game winning hit as the Cards win 5-4. Tonight it’s the HOMERUN DERBY and the Cards will be repped by Carlos Beltran. You can get the full list of guys taking part of the Derby HERE — .

Check out this crazy lightning from the Rangers game yesterday:

Steve Nash was recently traded to the Los Angles Lakers, but before he was, he made sure he talked to Kobe Bryant. He says, “For me it was important to speak with him to make sure he was on board.” The Suns didn’t get any actual players for trading Nash, but they did get 4 draft picks in the next 3 years. Nash’s deal with the Lakers is for three years and worth around $27 million.


Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was arrested early Saturday Morning at a Houston nightclub after he shoved an off-duty cop who was working as a bouncer. The manager of the club said Peterson was hammered and was being difficult all night. But it got out of hand when he was refused a drink after last call. AP tried to get all tough on the bartender, then the bouncer stepped in, and AP pushed him. It took three cops to get AP to give himself up and he apologized to cops and said he usually doesn’t drink. You can see video of it all go down on today’s blog.


Finally there is a Latvian website that posted a picture of what appears to be Golden State Warrior center Andris Biedrins (Be-Uh-Drens) receiving oral favors in the back seat of a car. The site actually posted two pictures. One is of the mouth capades…the second shows Andris looking as a woman…is…lets just say SHARED. See the NSFW pictures on today’s blog.

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