Today’s DOUCHEBAG of the DAY is a listen vote!  We give you three stories and you have to go through them and see who gets the honor of being today’s DOUCHE OF THE DAY!  We have the mother of the 32 pound 10 year old, a mom trying to sell her daughters virginity and a chick videotaping the abuse of her daughter

A Kansas City woman is scheduled to appear in court after police found her 10-year-old daughter weighing just 32 pounds and locked in a closet that reeked of urine. Police freed her Friday in response to a call from a child abuse hotline. The child has been hospitalized, but her condition hasn’t been released. The Jackson County prosecutor’s office says the 29-year-old mother is scheduled to be arraigned Monday on charges of assault, child abuse and endangerment. It’s unclear if she has a lawyer. The Associated Press is not naming the mother to protect the child’s identity. A probable cause statement says the mother told police she didn’t let the girl leave the house because the child is malnourished and that she would “get in trouble if someone saw her.”

Felicia Rae McClure, a 32-year-old Salt Lake City woman was jailed after she allegedly tried to sell her 13-year-old daughter’s virginity for $10,000. According to Salt Lake City police, McClure’s boyfriend contacted authorities after he reportedly found sexually explicit photos of her daughter and text messages regarding sex acts between the girl and an older man on her cell phone. Investigators say McClure was attempting to sell her daughter’s virginity to an older gentleman named “Don” for $10,000. Detectives say that the man took McClure and her daughter to Victoria’s Secret, where the teen modeled lingerie for him. McClure took pictures of her daughter in thongs and a bra and sold them to the man. Some of the images showed her bare buttocks. The pictures were also sent to another buyer, named “Will”. McClure was booked into jail on two counts each of aggravated sexual abuse of a child and exploitation of a minor. She is being held on $250,000 bond.

A Connecticut mother has been accused of physically and emotionally abusing her 10-month-old daughter, recording it, then sending the videos to the girl’s father along with text messages in which she threatened to further harm to the child. “I’ll f–king break her face” and “[your daughter’s] face is done” are two of the text messages police said 20-year-old Kellie Park sent to her ex-boyfriend, 23-year-old Erick Vece, on June 9. The messages Vece received from Park — roughly 50 in all — were accompanied by eight video attachments, said police. In each video, the toddler was “berated, assaulted and tormented by Kellie Park,”. Allegedly filmed inside Park’s West Haven home, the chilling videos are detailed in her arrest affidavit. In the first video, Park allegedly yells at her daughter, “eat stuff off the floor. This is what your dad wants to make me do.” In another she asks the toddler whether she is hungry, then “pours/throws food on her,” police said. The abuse continued with the toddler being filmed on the floor without a diaper. The affidavit says Park told the girl in the video, “Maybe you can wear a ishy diaper. I don’t care. Play with cigarettes. Want some Tylenol? Play with that, too.” The video then shows Park throwing an object, believed to be a bottle of Tylenol, at her daughter, police said. The child can be heard screaming and crying in the videos. The affidavit says that in one of the clips, Park kicks a gate onto the toddler and says, “Don’t you get it? Your father doesn’t care, so, guess what? I’m not gonna care.” In another, the affidavit says, Park shakes her and allegedly puts her foot on her daughter’s chest when the child falls down.

A Citrus Heights man is under arrest after allegedly strangling his 3-month-old child as police confronted him. The incident went down June 22, after Daniel Graf and his estranged wife got into an argument over child custody at the parking lot of the Wal-Mart off of Auburn Boulevard.  The two had come to the place so Graf, 32, could see his child. Things took a turn for the worse after police were called to the scene. An officer tried talking to the man this is when Graf began to strangle and choke the infant he held in his arms. The responding officer immediately jumped into action and put Graf in a choke hold of his own – a department approved “carotid restraint control hold.” “It’s a tactic where the officer applies pressure to both sides of the carotid artery on the neck that will render and individual briefly unconscious,”



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