In today’s DISCOUNT NEWS we chat about the big boobed robber getting busted and even though it’s not Wednesday, we chat some CREEPERS IN THE NEWS!


In case you missed it, WHICH YOU CAN SEE PICTURES HERE, a woman robbed a gas station in Queensland, Australia at knifepoint.  Why do WE care?  Because she has MASSIVE BREASTS and robbed the store in a low-cut shirt. Anyway, the police started hunting for her . . . and the security footage of her robbery went viral worldwide. And now, it’s over.  Good citizens no longer have to worry about . . . or look forward to . . . being robbed by a giant-breasted woman because she just turned herself in. -Turns out the robber was a 22-year-old named Tonee Walker.  She admitted to the police she intentionally went for major cleavage during the robbery to give the gas station clerk, quote, “something to look at.” Her lawyer says she was, quote, “very surprised” by how much attention this got.  She’s been charged with robbery and theft.


24-year-old Elric Shawn Millner of Webster, Texas is the scum of the Earth . . . and thanks to one INCREDIBLE Marine, he’s now finally going to be brought to justice. Back in August of 2010 when Millner was 22, he got a 17-year-old girl drunk.  Then he and a few others sexually assaulted her.  And he VIDEOTAPED the whole disgusting scene, which included her begging them to stop while he laughed. And she had no recollection of what happened until he showed her the tape.  She ended up not reporting the crime. Now she’s 19 and has been dating a former Marine.  A few months back, she told him what Millner had done.  And the Marine decided justice HAD to be served. So he befriended Millner, gained his trust, and finally got him to show him the video.  And then, instead of thrashing Millner on the spot, he showed even more restraint . . . he asked his girlfriend if NOW she’d consider going to the cops.  She did. On Thursday, Millner was arrested and charged with sexual assault.  The video will be used as evidence against him.

Back in 1975, when William Lynch was seven years old, he went on a camping trip sponsored by his Jesuit church.  And on the trip, a young priest named Jerold Lindner allegedly molested him and his brother. In 1998, William received a $625,000 settlement from the Jesuits and signed a confidentiality agreement.  But clearly, that didn’t make the pain go away. In 2010, when William was 42 years old, he finally approached Lindner in Los Gatos, California and asked him to sign a confession.  He says Lindner, quote, “leered” at him, which triggered horrible memories.  So William PUNCHED OUT Lindner. He was arrested for felony assault and elder abuse, and faced four years in prison. Well . . . last week at his trial, the jury made sure justice was served.  William was ACQUITTED of both counts. William said, quote, “I honestly thought I was going to jail” . . . and he was prepared to do so.  He had turned down a plea bargain because he wanted to make sure there was a trial to make more people aware of what Lindner did to him.

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