Today’s Sports has us chatting about the HOMERUN DERBY…and the All-Star Game going down tonight.  Plus,  Reggie Jackson really should just keep his mouth shut and what is better than soccer news?  WOMEN’S SOCCER NEWS!

PhotobucketLast night the Home Run Derby went down in Kansas City…and after hitting a total of 28 homers…Prince Fielder beat Jose Bautista in the finals and got his second home run derby win.  Fielder is only the second player to win more than one derby, Ken Griffey Jr. being the other – who won 3 derbys in the 90’s.  Cardinal Carlos Beltran made it to the second round.

All-Star Game is tonight in K.C…first pitch is scheduled for 6:30 on Fox.  Matt Cain starts for the NL and Justin Verlander gets the start for the American League. In the NL – Cardinals Carlos Beltran and Rafael Furcal get starts…and you can see the full lineups HERE

I brought this up yesterday when I was in for Lux – but more details here…Reggie Jackson has always been outspoken, and when he recently brought up how A-Rod’s records could be tainted because of his past drug use.  Jackson also went on to rip on some current Hall of Famers for the same thing.  Well, the Yankees have told him to stay away.  At least for now.  He’s currently been told by the Yanks to keep his distance from the club.  Now, sources close to the team say that this is a “cooling off period and not a death sentence.”  Jackson has since apologized to ARod and other members of the Yankees.

And finally here – What’s better than soccer news?  WOMEN’S SOCCER NEWS.  Hope Solo, the goalie for the US Women’s Olympic Team has tested positive for a banned substance on the USADA list, but has only been given a public warning.  Solo used the substance unknowingly in a prescription that was for legit medical reasons and once she found out it was banned, she stopped taking it.  Neato!


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