Today’s Sports has us chatting about the 2012 All-Star Game, Robinson Cano’s mom getting hassled at the Homerun Derby, Drew Brees wants to get PAID, and check out a dude streaking with his own torch at the Olympic Torch Run!

Really slow day in sports yesterday.  Big thing was the MLB All-Star Game.  And last night the National League got at it early and put 8 runs up and that was all it took.  They NL shut out the AL and got the 8-0 win.  Melky Cabrera from the San Francisco Giants was this years MVP.

So during the Homerun Derby, the fans at Kouffman Stadium in KC booed Robinson Cano when he was up to bat because they believed he snubbed their All-Star Billy Butler from competing.  Cano said he didn’t mind, but found it a crossing the line when fans berated, and screamed at his MOTHER when she went to go to the bathroom.  He didn’t get into any specifics on what was said, he just said, “Thank God they didn’t do anything more than yell.”

Here is some interesting NFL news for ya…New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees has made it clear – if he does not have a LONG TERM contract in place by Monday’s 3PM deadline…he has NO plans on signing the Franchise Tender and will NOT report to Training Camp.  Basically here is what he wants…a little over $20 million.  What are the Saints offering? $19.25 million.  Why not give it to him?  Dude is the Saints organization.  Lets just pretend Brees signs the tender, and then they franchise him again next year…then…they will end up paying him $23.57 million.  Dumb.  Just pay the dude.

And a funny video to check out Olympics related.  A guy decided it would be hilarious to interrupt the Torch run in London the other day.  And he was sporting his own Olympic torch.  WARNING: DONG ALERT.  Funniest part of this video – is the kids heard crying in the background.

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