Today’s Sports has us chatting about the Cards, a loss and an addition for them.  Plus, we talk DREAM TEAM II and Terrell Owens…the ULTIMATE EFF UP!

The Cardinals kick off their second half of the season today in Cincinatti to take on the Reds.  First pitch at 6:10PM and you can see the game on Fox Sports Midwest.  Other Cardinal note: Kyle McClellan is done for the season…the team announced he will undergo shoulder surgery that will put him out of the year.

A few days ago – Kobe Bryant made the statement that the 2012 Dream Team II could beat the 1992 Olympic Dream Team. Well now, Michael Jordan – said that statement made him laugh.  Kobe also mentioned how while they were great..all players were near the end of their career.  Jordan clarified that for the most part – everyone was in their twenties.  Jordan – in my opinion nailed his closing statement.  He says QUOTE: “Remember, they learned from us. We didn’t learn from them.” TOUCHE!

One other quick USA Basketball Note.  As they cruised last night against the Dominican Republic in an exhibition game…they got some bad news.  Blake Griffin will miss the 2012 Games after tearing his meniscus in his left knee.  The Clippers say he’ll be ready to go for training camp for the upcoming season.

T.O back in the news..and AGAIN..for all the wrong reasons.  Apparently Owens is 20,000 behind on his child support and could face actual jail time.  According to court documents…T.O is supposed to pay his baby mama $5,000 per month and is…if my math is correct…4 months behind.

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