In today’s DISCOUNT NEWS we are chatting about a neighbor feud over World of Warcraft, a guy commits suicide by getting mauled by a tiger, and a random stranger lends a couple their BMW, who steals his ride! OOFAH!
We don’t really understand guys who get OBSESSED with “World of Warcraft” and other role-playing games.  But I DO understand THIS about them:  They’re not ready to joke about their obsession. On Wednesday night, 20-year-old Jordan Osborne of Peterborough, Ontario, Canada was home when he heard his neighbor, 21-year-old Justin Williams, SCREAMING. Jordan went over to check it out, and apparently Justin was having an absolute MELTDOWN over “World of Warcraft” . . . he was screaming at other players in his headset. Then Jordan uttered the fateful words no gaming nerd wants to hear.  Quote, “There’s no need for you to be freaking out about ‘World of Warcraft’, it’s just a game.”  Justin responded, quote, “It’s not just a game, it’s my life.” Then he CHOKED out Jordan, PUNCHED him in the face, and STABBED HIM in the chest. Jordan was taken to the hospital with a pretty nasty stab wound to the sternum, but he survived.  Justin was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and assault with a weapon.

Tigers fatally mauled a man inside an enclosure at the Copenhagen Zoo, officials said Wednesday. It was unclear how or why the 21-year-old Afghan-born man had entered the Siberian tiger den, but investigators could not exclude suicide as a motive, a police spokesman said. The man sustained multiple bite wounds to the throat, face, chest and a thigh.

On a Saturday evening last month a man at a Hooters in northern Virginia met a couple who said their car had broken down on the way to a wedding. Touched by their story, the man told them he could borrow his car, a 2000 BMW 740iL, as long as they returned it to the Hooters the next day. Sure, no problem, they agreed and left. They even came back after a while to get instructions from the poor sucker on how to open the gas tank. Long story short, that’s the last our kindhearted Hooters patron saw of his Beamer. Ironically, he left a yellow engagement ring inside.

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