Today’s Sports has us chatting about the Cards awful weekend, Drew Brees is getting MEGA PAID, Jason Kidd likes the drink, and Remember Linsanity?! The Knicks are done with it.


Cardinals had an awful weekend in Cincinnati, losing all three games to the Reds.  They wrapped up their series last night with a 4-2 loss.  Tonight, they are in Milwaukee….Lance Lynn takes the mound for the Cardinals, first pitch is at 7:10.

Drew Brees signed a $100 million dollar, five year contract with the New Orleans Saints, making him the highest paid player in NFL HISTORY!  It’s crazy, but $60 million of that is already guaranteed money…and he gets it all within his first 3 years of the contract.  This is where Brees is awesome – he invited people to join him to celebrate at Jimmy Johns after signing the contact.  Jimmy Johns was cool with it…because it’s the Jimmy Johns he OWNS!  He posed for pictures with fans and we have some pictures:

IN NBA NEWS: Jason Kidd just signed with the Knicks last week…and he’s already in trouble.  He crashed his Escalade into a pole at 2:00AM early Sunday and was taken to the hospital.  He treated for his minor injuries…and then went right to jail with a DUI.  He was partying at a charity event, and had to be CARRIED out because he was so loaded.  You can see a picture of him being taken out.

Finally – speaking of the Knicks – remember Linsanity?  Well – New York doesn’t really believe in it.  Apparently they will not match the offer the Houston Rockets have given to Jeremy Lin and he’s more than likely on his way to Houston.  Nothing official yet – but sources say it’s happening.

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