Check out today’s THAT SUCKS STORIES. So, maybe you are thinking your life is terrible and everything is going wrong…read these stories…you’ll feel better.  Because these stories will truly have you saying….THAT SUCKS!


On Saturday night, 24-year-old Adaisha Miller of Detroit was at a party and dancing with an off-duty cop, when she gave him a hug from behind.  In the process, she somehow hit his service weapon in its holster.  The gun accidentally went off . . . and the bullet went straight through her lung into her heart. We can’t really understand the physics of that . . . or how many things needed to go HORRIBLY WRONG for that to happen . . . but apparently, it’s true.  The police called it a, quote, “freak accident.” Adaisha died at the hospital early yesterday morning. The police are investigating the shooting . . . the officer was assigned to administrative duties while it’s sorted out. Adaisha’s mother, Yolanda McNair, told reporters, quote, “For this to happen to her, whether they want to call it a freak accident or mistake in judgment, it should have never happened to my child, and there’s nothing I can do to get her back.”

Maybe it’s time for 19-year-old Krista McCann of Colorado Springs, Colorado to lay low for a while. Last week, she evacuated from her home because of the Waldo Canyon Fire that burned for weeks and caused tens of thousands of acres of damage.  She decided to drive to Ontario, Oregon where her father lives. But as she was passing through Idaho, her Subaru malfunctioned, she clipped a Jeep, and went off the road.  Her car caught on fire. And THAT sparked ANOTHER WILDFIRE.  She ended up causing a 2,000-acre fire that took several days to control.  Fortunately, no one was hurt in that fire, and she’s not facing any charges. All of Krista’s stuff burned up in the two wildfires, and she’s trying to take that as a positive.  Quote, “This is a chance to start completely over.  I have nothing.  So I’ll start with a new wardrobe and a new car, and a new state of mind.”

A man is critically ill in a hospital in Oregon with suspected plague, the disease that caused the Black Death, which wiped out 25 million people in 14th-century Europe. The unidentified man, who is in his 50s, was reported to have been bitten on the hand while trying to save a mouse caught by a stray cat. He fell ill with a fever several days later and was admitted to hospital where doctors said he had classic symptoms of the disease. Laboratory tests are being carried out. Without treatment, plague kills two-thirds of its victims within days. But modern drugs can cure the infection, if they are given soon enough. “This can be a serious illness,” said Emilio DeBess, Oregon’s public health veterinarian. “But it is treatable with antibiotics, and it’s also preventable.”

A Tacoma man needed emergency surgery after accidentally eating a steel bristle from a grill brush he used during a barbeque. Adam Wojtanowicz went to the hospital Sunday complaining of abdominal pain that wouldn’t go away despite his taking medication. Doctors found a metal bristle on a CT scan and performed surgery to get it out. Wojtanowicz says he recently hosted a cookout, and he thinks a steel bristle from his grill brush fell onto his steak. He says he apparently swallowed the metal without realizing it. The Centers for Disease Control says it knows of at least six people who have recently suffered similar, potentially fatal, injuries. It doesn’t blame a particular brand or type of brush. Wojtanowicz is expected to recover.

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