In today’s DISCOUNT NEWS we are chatting about an update on the MAYOR of VALLEY PARK.  A dude getting stopped at an airport for having a MEGA HUGE DONGER and some odd dong related news
Nathan Grellner, the leader of Valley Park Missouri, claimed he had exhaustion when he checked himself into hospital for three days last month. But St Louis Today today revealed that he had been treated for methamphetamine abuse and referred to a chemical dependency unit. The revelation comes after Grellner was earlier arrested for driving while intoxicated but escaped from hospital after he was left unguarded. It also follows a string of suspicious behaviour by Grellner, who used his city credit card to spend thousands of dollars at strip clubs when he was supposed to be attending meetings and on power tools to renovate his home. Grellner said he confused the city credit card because he was ‘not in a state mind’ where could distinguish between the two.

You might’ve heard the name Jonah Falcon before.  He’s the guy with the world’s largest junk.  It’s 13-and-a-half inches long when he’s aroused.   Jonah tried to fly out of San Francisco International Airport on July 9th, but he got stopped by the TSA when they became suspicious of a “noticeable bulge” in his pants.  Jonah says he was, quote, “strapped to the left” and was not in a state of arousal at the time.  He tried to explain to the security screeners what they were looking at, but they didn’t believe him.  After patting him down . . . gently . . . and dusting his pants with explosive-detecting powder, they finally were convinced it was all Jonah, and let him go through to his flight. Jonah said next time, he’ll wear bike shorts so there’s no question what things are.

A survey by YourTango.com asked people what makes people of the opposite sex irresistible. And surprisingly, both men and women agreed that physical appearance WASN’T the most important thing.  Sense of humor was voted the quality that makes people irresistible.  Self-confidence was the next most important.   That doesn’t mean that women completely IGNORE physical features on guys.  Here are the three features that women said were most important to them when checking out a guy.

#1.)  40% of women said the EYES were most important.
#2.)  20% said a guy’s LIPS or SMILE.
#3.)  And a guy’s HAIR is the top feature for 12% of women.


A 15-year-old girl told investigators she spent days at a time locked inside a small outhouse and a chicken coop, and had to wear a shock collar because she didn’t do her school work. The girl’s parents, Samuel and Diana Franklin, were arrested earlier this week on multiple counts of child cruelty and false imprisonment. They were released on bond, and declined to comment as they left the courthouse Thursday for what appeared to be a custody hearing.


A young mother is speaking out about her bizarre addiction to drinking water. She guzzles up to six gallons a day. Sasha Kennedy, 26, takes large bottles around with her wherever she goes. Because of her addiction, she has to use the restroom up to 40 times a day, and she claims she has quit jobs over the lack of quality water. The mother-of-two, who said she has no health problems, even wakes up several times a night to sip water and go to the bathroom. Kennedy said the habit is affecting her sleep, too.

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