In today’s DISCOUNT NEWS we are chatting about all the CREEPERS in the news and they are extra creepy today.  A local story, a WalMart toe sucker, some drive thru kiddie porn, and a moving guy….gets extra creepy
Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department deputies were called out to the House Springs Price Chopper in the 4600 block of Gravois Road on Sunday afternoon for an unusual case:  A store employee had discovered a camera in the ceiling of the women’s rest room. An employee also recognized the face of the man allegedly seen on photos contained on that camera. It was purportedly customer Frank Fuchs, 51, of Cedar Hill. Other employees had already detained Fuchs in the store.  Apparently the deputies agreed with the employees’ assessment, because they took Fuchs into custody upon arrival.

43-year-old Joey Leaphart is a registered sex offender with a foot fetish.     He was arrested last Tuesday at a Walmart in Augusta, Georgia . . . after he TRICKED an 18-year-old girl into letting him suck her toes in the middle of a Walmart.   And he did it by telling her he worked for “America’s Funniest Home Videos”, and that they were filming a prank for the show, and needed a picture of her foot.   When Joey also offered to cover $100 worth of her Walmart purchases, she was sold.  Then Joey asked if he could also KISS her foot.  She went along with that too . . . but when he started the toe sucking, she began to scream.    He ran, but police caught him and charged him with battery.  It’s the second time since February that he’s been arrested for kinky foot behavior in a Walmart.  He approached customers at a South Carolina store asking to smell their shoes and kiss their feet.

Juan Antonio Rosa, 36, had previously served five years in prison for possession of child pornography. But investigators caught Rosa in the act again, this time distributing porn from a Wendy’s drive-thru. Rosa’s ruse involved taking orders from people he met online via social media and giving them a choice of secret passwords to use in-person: “Scooby Doo” or “(Expletive) on a Stick,” prosecutors said. The customers would then show up at Juan Antonio Rosa’s Wendy’s drive-thru to pick up child-porn videos embedded on a tiny SD memory card. Rosa slipped the memory cards into customers’ food orders in exchange for $50 in cash. Rosa apparently went to great lengths to keep his drive-thru child porn operation a secret. Rosa, the father of two young girls, lived with his girlfriend, but also had a “safe house” where he engaged in his unlawful activities.

Orlando police are searching for a burglar who is behind a rash of bizarre break-ins at apartment complexes. A woman told cops the man crawled into her bed in the middle of the night and struck up a conversation. “He just walked in and laid in bed with me and started talking to me and having a normal conversation with me, like (it was) nothing,” said the woman, who did not want to be named.

A well-liked employee of a moving company is accused of molesting and videotaping a young Texas girl while he helped her family relocate. Justin Summers, 24, found a couple’s 5-year-old daughter playing with her 7-year-old brother in an upstairs room of their West University Place home. Summers allegedly lifted her skirt and began to touch the girl in front of her brother. He then took two upskirt videos of the girl, according to police who searched Summers’ phone after arresting him on June 23. The parents discovered what had happened when their son told them what he had seen. Their daughter confirmed her brother’s report and added that Summers had “touched her private area by putting his finger on it,” . Summers has been charged with indecency to a child and promotion of child pornography.

Jackie Samuel who resides in New York has started her own business called “The Snuggery.” Ms. Samuel will actually take appointments,go to the client’s home and snuggle with them. It sounds weird, and I’m not sure I think it wise, but Ms. Samuel states that she provides a healing,non-sexual cuddling and touching session which has numerous health benefits.One of the potential problem areas to consider prior to starting this business adventure is that there is no certification or license to qualify you to be a professional cuddlier. Since there is not licensure or standard of care you can expect from your cuddlier, you may end up with a very odd experience.


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