Seriously, is this the best boss in the world? This guy is paying his employees…TO TAKE A VACATION!  That’s awesome!  Plus, speaking of the workplace…we are asking you a question, would you ever date someone who was in unemployed?!

World’s best boss? Meet Bart Lorang, the CEO of a Denver-based start-up company. Lorang not only gives his employees a $7,500 bonus to take a vacation, but he makes them promise to use the cash on a getaway and that they’ll ignore work while they’re away.Lorang is the CEO of FullContact API, a contact management company, and, obviously, believes in rewarding his employees. But even though he sets rules on the vacation cash, he also admits he’s not very good at following them himself. “I suck at it,” he told ABC News. In fact, the flip-flop-wearing CEO was seen in a photo during a vacation to Egypt checking his email while checking out the great pyramids. Still, his employees are very appreciative of his vacation perk, one of the best tech company perks we’ve ever heard of. “It’s a real break for your brain,” FullContact API employee Robbie Jack said. “You come back refreshed and reinvigorated and more excited about the stuff you were working on when you left.”  And yes, in case you were wondering, FullContact API is hiring, and we’re guessing Lorang is about to be inundated with resumes for the 12 spots he says he plans to fill in the next six months.

Also – while we are talking about the workplace.  We brought this up.  Would you ever date someone who is unemployed?

Apparently being unemployed has passed being tragically ugly as the biggest thing holding back your dating life.  At least if you’re a guy. In a new survey of 925 single women, 75% say they either wouldn’t or PROBABLY wouldn’t go on a first date with a guy who’s unemployed.

33% gave a flat-out no . . . 42% say they MIGHT go out with an unemployed guy, but only if he had a plan to get back to work.

Of the 25% of women who said they would go out with an unemployed guy, only 4% said “Of course.”  The other 21% weren’t as enthusiastic.

Not surprisingly, guys were FAR less likely to discriminate against unemployed women if it meant a date.  65% of men would have no problem dating a woman who didn’t have a job.

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