Today in SPORTS we are chatting about the Cardinals, the OPEN Championship, some NFL news and you have to see the video of one of the funniest things that WILL FERRELL & ZACH GALIFINAKIS have done in a really long time…at a CUBS game.

That Cards lost ANOTHER 1 run game against the Brewers yesterday afternoon as they lose the series finale 4-3.  Cards are off today but start a weekend series with the Cubs tomorrow.

The Open Championship is underway over in England right now.  As we wrote this – a couple of big name players are up near the top of the leaderboard including Tiger Woods, Adam Scott, and David Duval.  You can follow the LIVE leaderboard HERE.

Hesiman Trophy winner Robert Griffin the III has finally signed his deal with the Redskins yesterday.  It’s a 4 year, $21 million dollar deal.  Griffin, who was picked 2nd overall in this past years draft, was named the starter ahead of Rex Grossman on the final day of rookie minicamp.

And this is just hilarious – so Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis were out promotion their new movie this week.  They were in STL earlier, and were in Chicago yesterday for a Cubs/Marlins game.  They read the intro to the Cubs lineup and had little one liners for each player..kind of like what Ferrell did for a Bulls/Hornets game earlier this year.  One of the best intros was Ferrell talking about a player named Darwin Barney – and Galifinakis introing the NEXT player pretty much the same way. You can see the video, which is pretty damn funny….

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