Did you know that ELTON JOHN was born Reginald Dwight?  Or that Margaret Hyra decided she had a better chance of making it if she changed her name to MEG RYAN? If you did then you’d be GREAT at out new game called, “THE NAME GAME!”

We found a great list online of celebrities and their real names.  Your job is now to let us know..WHICH OF THE LISTED NAMES ARE REAL…AND WHICH ONES DID WE MAKE UP?!  CLICK “ANSWER” to see if you are right.  IF YOU SEE THE CELEB…IT’S THEIR REAL NAME!  IF YOU SEE AN “X” IT MEANS IT IS MADE UP!

Cornelius Chase . . . Chevy Chase. ANSWER

Steven Tallarico . . . Steven Tyler. ANSWER

Hugh Deschenes . . . Hugh Jackman ANSWER

Maurice Micklewhite . . . Michael Caine. ANSWER

Paige Cruise . . . Jennifer Aniston ANSWER

Robert Koster . . . Robert Pattinson ANSWER

Carlos Ray Norris . . . Chuck Norris ANSWER

Stephanie Newcomb . . . Lady GaGa ANSWER

Joan Molinsky . . . Joan Rivers ANSWER

Christopher Brummer . . . Chris Brown ANSWER

Katheryn Hudson . . . Katy Perry ANSWER

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