In today’s DISCOUNT NEWS we get you up to date on the Colorado shooting. And SIX things that you need to know that developed over the weekend. Also, an update to previous HEADLINE HOOSHE that involved a father son shootout over some KARAOKE!

JAMES HOLMES – He has an initial court hearing today.  He is not cooperating with police.  He supposedly spit on the guards.  It has taken 2 days for authorities to clean out his booby-trapped apartment.  They took all of his homemade bombs out into a remote area and blew them up. It’s told he took 100 mg of Vicodin one hour prior to the massacre.  He bought a ticket to the movie then went back out to his car through the emergency exit.  He came back in and started shooting but his semi-automatic weapon jammed while trying to shoot.  Also, a report states that inmates in the prison have already started plotting his death.


#1.)  It took officials two days to remove all the booby traps the shooter left in his apartment.  That included liquids, explosives, and chemicals that would’ve killed anyone who entered . . . if the shooter hadn’t TOLD THEM about the traps.

#2.)  His semi-automatic rifle jammed during the shooting, because of a problem with the 100-shot magazine.  And the FBI believes it saved several lives.  He had to switch to a handgun, which couldn’t fire as many rounds as quickly.

#3.)  It’s clear the attack was being planned, quote, “with calculation and deliberation” for MONTHS.  The shooter purchased the guns legally from local gun shops starting back in May, and bought ammo and Kevlar online a few weeks ago.

#4.)  This is the worst shooting in the U.S. since the attack at Fort Hood in Texas in 2009, when an Army psychiatrist with Islamic fundamentalist sympathies killed 13 soldiers and civilians and wounded dozens more.

#5.)  The shooter is being held in solitary confinement on suspicion of 12 counts of first-degree murder.  He’s in solitary because inmates at the Arapahoe Detention Center in Colorado apparently can’t stop talking about KILLING HIM.

Remember, one of his victims was a six-year-old girl.  And child-killers do NOT do well in prison. A jail employee says he hasn’t shown any remorse, and was spitting at the door and the guards.  His initial hearing is today, and he’s been assigned a public defender.  Colorado DOES have the death penalty.

#6.)  Regal Cinemas and AMC both instituted bans on wearing costumes to movies in the wake of the shooting.  AMC banned all masks and fake weapons . . . Regal just announced, quote, “stricter controls over character attire.” In this case, the shooter bought a ticket and sat in the front of the theater WITHOUT a costume.  After the movie started, he snuck out through an emergency exit, went to his car, and put on body armor and a gas mask before re-entering the theater. Still, when he re-appeared with the gear and the weapons, and threw a canister of gas, the first people who saw him thought it was part of the midnight showing.

In some lighter news, an update to a previous HEADLINE HOOSHE story where a father shot his son over a karaoke song. Turns out it was country’s own Kenny Chesney songs “There goes my life” or “No shirt, No shoes, No problem.” He couldn’t recall the exact tune.

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