In today’s SPORTS report we chat about the Cardinals, we talk about the PENN STATE discipline, and we chat some Olympic news as well as quick stories about Chad Johnson, Dez Bryant, Wes Welker, and Ichiro gets a NEW team!

The Cardinals lost to the Dodgers last night 5-3. A late game 2 run homer from Carlos Beltran brought the Cards closer but, still, they pick up the lost. Tonight, at 7:15 the Cards and Dodgers are back in action…Adam Wainwright takes the Mound for the Cardinals.

So we broke this as it happened late in the show yesterday and in case you missed it..here is how the NCAA is handling the Sandusky/Penn State nightmare. The program did NOT get the one year ban…but this is almost worse. They were hit with a $60 million dollar fine, a 4 year bowl ban, and lose a lot of their scholarships. But, the good news for the players, they are IMMEDIATELY allowed to transfer anywhere RIGHT away. The NCAA also took away all of PENN STATES wins dating back to 1998. Which means that Paterno’s record goes from 409 to 298. That takes him from #1 on the all time win list…to #12th! Funny thing is that the last win Paterno ever got technically is now 11/22/1997 as the team beat Wisconsin. The QB for that game? Mike McQueary…the dude who brought all this nightmare to light. So when will Penn State be back as a football powerhouse? Time will tell..

It’s rare you see this. Ichiro Suzuki was traded from the Mariners to the Yankees yesterday. And it only led him a few steps to get to his new team. The Mariners were playing the Yanks in Seattle and Ichiro was actually in uniform and playing for his new team in front of his old fans. They gave him a 45-seconds ovation before he singled.

CHAD OCHOCINCO is no more . . . and CHAD JOHNSON is BACK. Chad officially changed his name back, mainly so that his new wife Evelyn could have a NORMAL last name. Chad will play for the Miami Dolphins next season, and “Johnson” WILL be on his uniform. He says, quote, “I’m just doing it for the marriage. It has nothing to do with football. Ochocinco is still in me. It’s just my middle name.”

The official Olympics website now has almost ALL of the Olympic athletes’ official ID badge photos online, and it’s clear that the worst photo in the entire Olympics goes to . . . MICHAEL PHELPS. His photo looks like a DUI mugshot that was taken after he spent a weekend partying with NICK NOLTE.

One other quick Olympics note: We’ve always heard that the Olympic Village where the athletes all stay turns into some kind of WILD ORGY, and it looks like the Brazilians have heard that too. The Brazil men’s soccer team has decided to stay sequestered in a hotel in the countryside as opposed to the Olympic Village in London because, quote, “There are too many temptations here . . . we have serious work to do.”

And finally – Dallas Cowboys receiver DEZ BRYANT was officially charged with misdemeanor assault yesterday. Dez is accused of roughing up his MOTHER last week in her Texas home in an assault that included him hitting her with his HAT and grabbin her so hard that he ripped off her bra.

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