As is tradition, with Fred coming in this week….we have stories about some of the BIGGEST creepers in the news.  This week is truly disturbing…a guy…rapes his grandma.  Enough said.  You gotta see these stories

A 15 year old boy has been arrested after being accused of raping his grandmother. The teenager allegedly admitted to cutting off his grandmother’s underwear with a pair of scissors while she slept. The victim, who is aged 59, told police she had taken medication to help her sleep. She said she woke up the following morning to find her underwear stuffed under her bed. The following evening she allegedly woke up to find her grandson on top of her. The alleged rape took place at her home in Oklahoma, while the teenager was visiting from another state. The victim told police she called her son, the boy’s uncle, to pick him up after the alleged incident. When the victim alerted the uncle of what happened, he took the teenager to the police department. According to the arrest affidavit, the boy admitted to his uncle that he ‘cut her panties off while she was in bed and had sex with grandma’ and ‘had sex with grandma on the couch’. Police arrested the teenager but waited until his mother arrived in the state before interviewing him. The victim underwent a rape test at hospital which came back positive. The teen was held at Oklahoma County jail and charged with first degree rape. His bail was set at $25,000.

St. Louis police are looking for a man who robbed three young girls of their cell phones and a little bit of their innocence.  The man approached the three outside one of their homes Monday night.  The victims, 12, 15, and 17, would eventually be forced to take of some of their clothing in the middle of the street. The twelve year old spoke to us with the permission of her mother.  We’re not identifying her because the man is still on the loose. “We were dancing by the car and a man started walking down the street and he took out a gun, and said, ‘Give me what you got.’  And we said, ‘we don’t have anything,’” the girl said in an interview Tuesday afternoon. The one thing they did have was the phones.  He took them.  Then, police say, the suspect groped two of the girls over their clothes.  From there, the twelve year old victim tells us it got worse. “After we gave him the cell phones he was like, ‘show me your chests.’  So he made us strip and he told us to pull our pants down.” That’s right, in the middle of the street, the three girls were forced to disrobe.    “I really didn’t know what to do.  Kind of a shock,” she said.  “I was thinking, ‘I hope I don’t die.  I hope my life doesn’t end too short.’” He never touched them after they stripped.  She says she thinks it’s because of her sister’s quick thinking. “My sister told him there was people around the corner that she knew, but she really didn’t know them.  She was just faking so he would leave us alone.  And he went down the alley and just walked away like nothing happened.” The girls rushed inside, barely able to get the words out to explain to their mother what happened.  Once they had, this twelve year old found herself in the position of comforting her mom. Here is a shot of the area where it all went down!

An Idaho man is accused of encouraging men to rape his wife through a posting in the “casual encounters” section of Craigslist.  The 32-year-old Twin Falls man was arraigned Monday on a charge of solicitation of rape and burglary. His bail was set at $100,000. Police say the suspect admitted he was involved in two separate instances of men forcing their way into his home and attempting to assault his wife.  Prosecutors say that without his wife’s knowledge or consent, the man posted a classified ad posing as a woman who fantasized about being raped, and then exchanged emails with the men who responded to arrange the assaults. Twin Falls police were called to the woman’s house shortly after midnight Thursday and again Saturday afternoon on reports that two different men had broken into the home. The woman told police a man rang the doorbell early Friday, asked her name and then said: “I’m here for you,” before forcing his way into the house. The woman said the man chased her through the house. She went into the bedroom to grab a 9 mm gun, but the man grabbed the weapon. The gun went off during the struggle. No one was injured, and she said the man fled. The woman also fired a shot Saturday and held another man uninjured at gunpoint until police arrived in a second incident, court records said. Investigators said the second man told police he was responding to a Craigslist ad.

Last week, 18-year-old Matthew Stephen Young of Bonita Springs, Florida was in a 7-Eleven parking lot and, for whatever reason, decided THAT was a good place for SELF-PLEASURING. As he went to town on himself, a Coca-Cola delivery truck pulled up to the store.  And when the driver got out, Matthew says he, quote, “thought he was pretty cute.”  So Matthew briefly paused what he was doing to ask the driver if he was interested in a, quote, “quickie.” The driver apparently wanted to let Matthew down gently, so instead of saying no, he told him he had to go make his delivery inside and he’d be right back.  BUT . . . when he got inside, he called 911. Matthew was only charged with loitering.

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