So we got an email from a girl named Stephanie who wanted our help.  She has an extra ticket to the Cards game on August 4th and she wanted to find someone to take to the game.  She just got out of a relationship and wants a fun date to just go and hang out with her at the game. We’ve got her on the phone..and we have some questions for her!

Listen to our CONVO with Stephanie HERE:

Here is what she is looking for…

– A dudeOR CHICKS!  She goes both ways!
– 27 years old – 31 years old
– She is 26
– 5 Foot
– 130lbs
– She pretty much just made it clear you have to enjoy baseball, drinking beer, and not be a bum.
– She HAS tried anal before (didn’t like it)

The game plan: Meet up before the Cards game on August 4th at a bar and do a little “pregamin’ it” and then head to the games.  DO NOT EXPECT TO GET YA SOME…she is going with a group and does NOT put out on the first date!


Check out some PICTURES of Stephanie:

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  1. ninja T says:

    Chris didn’t make the final. how surprising…

  2. Don Malone says:

    Chris you deserve Stephanie, me and mine think you two would make a good couple.

  3. Liam McGregor says:

    This guy Chris is fucking ate up.

  4. PUNCH says:


  5. Amber says:

    I vote for Chris. Some of you are very, very cruel. How dare you judge someone by their speech. He was in a very serious car accident several years ago, which affected his speech. You are bullies. Bunch of ignorant aholes!!!!!

  6. Liam McGregor says:

    I’d hit it and quit it.

  7. Mike says:

    Chris needs Hooked on Phonics!

  8. I think stefanie should pick me as a date we would have fun plus im hurricane chris I can dance and sing to lol I wish people quit judgin me im a sweet romantic guy

    • Mike says:

      *****I think Stephanie should pick me as a date because we would have fun. Plus, I’m Hurricane Chris! I can dance and sing too! I wish people would quit judging me because I am a sweet and romantic guy.****** Hey ass clown, believe it or not, education is not over-rated. Not only do you sound pathetic, but you sound like a complete moron. Turn off the computer games and pick up a damn book.

      • Ur a fuckin moron to say shit about me wen u dont know me I have not been on a date or to a cardinals games before it been 3 years since I dated because of my last relationship get some balls mike and grow the fuck up and stop being a kid

  9. NinjaPawtay says:

    Hurricane Chris!!!!

  10. Ben says:

    I don’t want to date Stephanie I just want to tell that Chris guy to shut the fuck up

  11. OnerBash says:

    This bitch is ugly as fawk. And “Chris” Bwahahahahaha! Creepy ass mofo I swear. Good luck ugly chick with your date.

  12. skinnygirl says:

    Whoa…. butter face?? and butter teeth? gross… no wonder she has to go both ways… she probably runs out of options

  13. phil says:

    Idk if you know this, but you are allowed to read over what you typed before you send it. You sound like a mentally challenged person, but even they don’t type how they talk.

  14. chris nixon says:

    actually im single for 2 years now and have not found a good woman but i dont date ugly chick bro

  15. chris nixon says:

    if any one on here or stefanie dont listen to this people there very insulting like i said im a good man and laid bag dude for stefanie that never went to a cardinal games before

  16. She's A Loopy Bitch says:

    So, at the top of her information, it explains how she “goes both ways”. Later on it lays out some much unneeded information as to how she has “tried anal and didn’t like it”.
    Then, at the very bottom, it says how you should “not expect to get you some because she doesn’t put out on the first date”.
    She sounds like a cock blocking attention whore that would make out with her friend at a party so people will stare at her.

    • chris nixon says:

      who the fuck u think u are to judge someone like that i dont like the way u all talk abt her like this

  17. phil says:

    Woody and Ritz, you guys should call up this creep Chris Nixon and interview him about dating this chick on the air! And learn how to type you f@#$ing Hoosier!

    • war1057 says:

      He’s gonna be on tomorrow.

    • chris nixon says:

      im not a fucking creep im here for a date ur just mad beacuse i tell the truth abt my opion abt someone and i think stefanie tho most gourgies woman i ever saw if u dont have nothing nice to say abt someone keep quiet like i said im trying to win a date im not a creep u dont know me im just here to win a date with this wounderful chick

    • chris nixon says:

      y does everyone keep callin me a creep i am not im not desperate im a laid back chill dude ur just mad because u wont to put someone down beacuse u dont like yourself at all and someone else should join u in this pitty i like my self if u dont like me it your loss dude

    • chris nixon says:

      who the hell u think u are to talk to me like this wen someone being honest abt going on a date with this woman

    • chris nixon says:

      dude u dont know me trust me i i have social skills and i know how to treat a lady on a date to not be a jerk

    • chris nixon says:

      who is this skinnygirl chick she listen to everyone else abt me instead of having her own thinkin cap on abt her self wtf i see she dont have a man the way she talk to people

      • skinnygirl says:

        hahaaa whaaa? seriously, you need to get serious. I bet you do a ton of online dating… I don’t get swayed by anyone. I’m reading your Ridiculous Responses, and looking at the photos, which says way more then enough. Yea, I’m a chick that speaks the truth, seems as if little boys can handle it.. hahahh huh? “I don’t have a man cause the way I talk to people” I don’t put up with stupidy, sorry mr. steven sensitive

      • Wow everyone judging me on stupid shit it getting old I dont care what u say no I been with my ex for 6 years to she cheated and back stab me this is my first time on the point to win a date with stefanie and no it the first time for online dating to I know what I want but I wait to it comes to me u people got alot of nerve talkin shit about someone real childish

  18. Rick says:

    Chris Nixon, quit being a weird-ass creeper. Maybe you’d get more dates if you didn’t write like a dirty-ass yokel and spill your meth-clogged bleeding heart all over the place. Judging by your assumed level of education you probably deserve someone who looks like a jack-o-lantern and whose fancy for trailers is only matched by their desire to do the dirty with their father/brother/uncle/cousin.


    • chris nixon says:

      how am i being a creeper wen im throwing out what u all saying to this chick wen she on here lookin for a date if u knew what i been thru bye woman u understand i know what this chick going thru and she lookin for someone to new to hang with i thro what my is in me abt someone and stefanie not a bad lookin person she just met the wrong guy to be with with bag of garbage we all trying to win a date with stefanie bro

    • SourDiesel says:

      Damn mother fucker, why are you cock blocking like that? Sounds to me like he spit some game you wish you had. Insulting him makes YOU look like the douchebag. Dont listen to this jackoff Chris. Go do your thing and i hope you win that date so this prick can go back to his shitty life with his fat ugly bitch

      • Rick says:

        Hey now, there’s no need to bring your mom into this

      • chris nixon says:

        wtf u talkin abt dude im here to win a date not sit here and listen to this shit online at least i tell how my mind is ur cock blockin me saying shit abt me that not true wtf

      • chris nixon says:

        who the fuck u think u are to talk to me like this

      • Rick says:

        Oh, sorry, I guess I should have introduced myself. My name is Rick, and I am not a creepy-ass douche-scum hoodrat, such as yourself. I also don’t have a queer, self-appointed nickname. You know why you’re called “Hurricane Chris?” It’s because you blow dudes. Also, you type like you have Parkinson’s. Also, Stephanie–I would only recommend dating this upstanding citizen if you have always dreamt of finding yourself raped in the back of a van/cut up in a freezer/naked in a deep pit forced to appy lotion.

        Happy dating.

    • chris nixon says:

      fuck u rick i actually had some people that like to hear me again on the station and she was happy to have me on air this morning she kida thought i was funny listen fuck face im a virgin and not planing on having sex just have a good time with this chick and drink beer and watch the cardinals if she pick me i m dont sit on this computer and being a fucking douche bag towards others like me that y good man like me are still left compare to fucking assholes that have nothing better to do put to put someone else down what a pitty shit wow hurricane chris is my nick name i came up with that name wen i was 14 because i can dance and shit wtf

  19. Anon says:

    Lies I know this chick and she loves it in the ass my boy used to blast in her ass way more then the one time she told y’all bwhahahahhah and her sister is way way hotter

    • chris nixon says:

      dude u sound like a creeper talking sexual abt someone wen this chick wants a cool person to like her for her

  20. woodstock says:

    Hey i would take her on a date.not her taking me.

    • chris nixon says:

      dude there someone nice like me that trying to win stefanie heart and take her on a date not site here and say mean things abt here i like what i seen abt stefanie to be honest i went to work this moring and love stefanie voice and it melt my heart to hear here on 105.7 the point i think she good lookin keep your looks going stefanie !!!!!!!!

  21. MandyK says:

    Really if this chick is hot then I muct be a supermodel!! She’s not bad but come on…I now feel better about myself!

    • chris nixon says:

      what a hatter i think she good lookin she went thru a relationship and someone hurt here she does not need to be hurt more

    • SourDiesel says:

      Feel better about yourself? By hating on someone else? Only fat bitches do that.

  22. Yes I do like what I see abt stefanie I do not cheat or lie and no drugs I do smoke drink and I have tattoos to and piercings

  23. So is there any thing stefanie wants to know abt me im very romatic and laid back type dude and love life

  24. ninja T says:

    Looks like a decent body, but will she wear a paper bag over her face for the date?

  25. Well I been hurt to lookin for a someone to chill and see what happens

  26. Guy Jennings says:

    I am a firefighter and I would love for Stepanie to stop by my firehouse. She would have have her pick between 10 guys and all of us have a badge!!

    • chris nixon says:

      i think she good lookin and need someone to like her for her like me well stefanie if u see this reply to me or the point studio i do want to go to the cardinals games with stefanie never been to one

  27. Christopher nixon says:

    Hi im interested in stefanie I heard abt it this mornin at work well abt me im 6 6 in height I have a6 pack and built with dark hair and blue eyes I have a car and a job if u want to know more or if stefanie what to know more call me at 6364486046

    • Woobs says:

      That is a ballsy move putting your phone number on here. You know what people do to press your luck losers

    • dan says:

      Come on Chris last time u left ur number on craigslist u had chicks with dicks hittin u up man seriously bud have a brain

  28. Anon says:

    I went to grade school with this chick!!

  29. Nikie Medling says:

    Wow, how much more desperate can this chick be? Obviously she is a liar, and her pic explains why she was cheated on. Those big boobies aren’t gonna help that face. Also, she looks like a crack dealer, not a lady who is studying “law enforcement.” She doesn’t look like she could even afford a toothbrush. Good luck wit that boyz.

  30. Dirt says:

    that was the best phone interview/call in you guys have ever had

  31. Dan says:

    The pic is blank!

  32. stchuckboy says:


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