So you may have heard the story about how a 2 year old girl in Union, MO drowned in a pool over the weekend.  We had a fellow NINJA email us, asking if we could help. Obviously, the family is going through tough times and they can’t afford to bury their child.  They’re $3600 short. So, we are putting out the EAGLE CALL! AND WE HAVE AN UPDATE

UPDATE: We got word that the Funeral Home has MORE THAN ENOUGH to cover the costs of the funeral for the 2 year old!  HUZZAH NINJAS!  YOU ARE THE BEST!

Here is the article from FOX 2 about the incident……

A two year old girl drowned Sunday in a small pool in Union, MO.  She and her twin brother somehow got out of the back door of their trailer home on Halligan Estate Rd. around 8:00am. According to Union, MO Police, the twins’ three year old brother discovered the back door open and alerted an adult in the home, identified as the boyfriend of the children’s mother, who was at work.  He began to search for the children. The little boy could be heard down the street at a neighbor’s home where the family dog was also found barking.  The boy was found standing next to a small pool. His twin sister was discovered submerged in the water. CPR was started. When emergency crews arrived on the scene, they took over. All attempts to revive the girl were unsuccessful. The owners of the pool had no idea the twins were in the yard. They were sleeping and were awakened by screaming.  They are reportedly grief stricken that this has happened. The two families did not know each other as the family with the pool had just moved in. There were just 18 inches of water in pool. There is no fence around the pool, which is a self-rising, portable model. The girl has been identified as Payton Craig. A benefit fund  has been set up to help pay the $3,630 in funeral expenses for her.

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  1. ssweet2323 says:

    Jeff, I pray for your soul, your heart that it may show compassion and love to all, not just dogs and cats. Your words can be a powerful tool if used correctly. God Help You!

  2. J says:

    got a fundraiser Blast going for the lil one 😀

  3. Kevin says:

    Jeff=dick with ears

  4. holly says:

    I thought that the boyfriend was sleeping and that is why the child got out and drowned so this isn’t a freak accident but a lazy asshole that should have been watching kids. I say its partly the mothers fault for leaving them with such a loser

    • Josh K. says:

      I challenge you to find a single parent who hasn’t fallen asleep while in charge of a child. This was a terrible accident and it could happen to anyone.

  5. Julie says:

    Well Jeff, since you obviously can’t spell, it is a good thing you are not planning on reproducing.

  6. JEFF says:


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