With today’s PRICK BE TRIPPIN we talk about the GOATMAN, a dude beating someone with a toilet lid..and honestly…one of the dumbest bar bets that we have EVER seen! A guy lights his head on fire…and gets seriously injured.  YOU DON’T SAY?!


An intruder attacked his neighbor with two makeshift weapons: a toilet bowl lid and a guitar. The brawl landed the resident of the Las Vegas home in the hospital for bruises and a large wound above his eye. The invader, 41-year-old Ronald Hetzel, was given medical care for leg injuries but those are the least of his worries. Hetzel was booked on five charges: battery with intentional bodily harm, battery with a deadly weapon, home invasion, burglary and attempted murder. Hetzel entered the Osceola Mills Street house through a patio window early Saturday morning. Hetzel initiated a fight after being confronted by the resident, according to the arrest report. Hetzel attacked the homeowner with a porcelain toilet bowl lid and a wooden guitar during the scuffle. He also repeatedly attempted to strangle him. The homeowner received multiple bruises during the nearly 20 minute conflict. A neighbor noticed a man throwing objects from the house onto the street and contacted law enforcement. When the responding officer arrived he saw Hetzel sitting on a curb with his shirt off, screaming incomprehensibly.

A 25-year-old guy in New Zealand was jealous that his ex-girlfriend might have moved on . . . so he built a hidden BUNKER underneath her house to spy on her.  He crawled under the house from her deck, got in through a manhole into an empty space under the stairs, and stocked it with food and clothes.  He also had a golf club, a chair leg, a screwdriver, and a knife to use as weapons. Then he cut passageways into a linen closet and the hot water heater closet, so he could sneak into the house whenever he wanted. He got caught when he JUMPED out of his hiding spot to attack a man who stopped by to visit his ex late at night.  He was sent to jail on assault and trespassing charges.  PRICK BE TRIPPIN!

In Indiana, a dude named Christopher and his 20-year-old pregnant girlfriend started to argue inside a parked car because she didn’t want to drive him somewhere. Chris got super pissed and started beating the crap out of the car’s dashboard.  Chris’ dad, who happened to witness the whole thing, came out to defuse the situation.  This only got Chris more angry and he got out of the car and began pummeling his 61-year-old father in the chest.  Also witness to this train wreck was Chris’ 65-year-old uncle who decided the best course of action would be to call the cops and let them handle it.  Chris disagreed and charged his uncle before snatching away his phone.  Now having the upper hand in the situation, Chris grabbed his future baby’s mama by the throat and shoved her into a patio chair before ordering his dad and uncle to sit next to her or he would kill them all.  While Chris was attempting to tie his girlfriend to the lawn chair with an extension cord, the uncle tried to make an escape. Chris gave chase and tackled his uncle, then proceeded to punch him in the head.  While the uncle was taking one for the team, Chris’ father and girlfriend used the diversion to break free and run in opposite directions.  Chris wound up driving away in a truck and refused to pull over when the cops caught up to him. The chase ended with Chris ditching his truck and being arrested, at gunpoint, inside a nearby trailer park.  Prick-be-trippin’!

Some drunk guy from Georgia was at a bar with his friends, and bet them he could pour a shot of Bacardi 151 on his head . . . and set it on FIRE. Well, he won the bet . . . and also ended up in the hospital for a few days.  One of the bar’s security cameras got it all on video.

The so-called “goat man” has been identified — and it turns out he’s a hunter. Wildlife officials in Utah were searching for a (quote) “goat man” who was photographed dressed in a goat suit among of herd of wild goats in the mountains. The photographer say that the man was clumsy, working his way down the cliff trying to catch up with the rest of the herd. He got a closer look with some binoculars, and said it was (quote) “clearly a guy dressed up in a homemade goat suit”….and that the man seemed to be wearing gloves so that he could crawl on his hands and knees. Although what he was doing isn’t illegal, officials wanted to talk to him so that he can be made aware of the dangers of the situation if the goats turn on him. Wildlife officials received a call on Monday from a 57-year-old Southern California hunter who explained he was only trying out his goat suit to prepare for a mountain goat hunt in Canada next year. The man did not identify himself because of the widespread media coverage.

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